By Harejordan - 04/02/2009 16:44 - United States

Today, I was driving and stopped behind a person at a stop sign. Their car didn't move for about 1 minute. I got out of my car yelling at the person. It was an old woman. She wasn't breathing. FML
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She stopped breathing to teach you the virtue of patience.

why does everyone say they deserved it? they didn't KILL the person.


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I hope you tried to administer CPR. It wasn't too late if she was only there for a minute. Or if you don't know CPR, I hope you at least called for help.

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I'd have driven around after 10 seconds.

why does everyone say they deserved it? they didn't KILL the person.

Aye, but to get out and yell is to assume the person is sitting about for kicks. Jumping to conclusions and over aggression is why people vote they deserved it.

Ah yes, but we all have road rage. Something that is quick to rear it's stupid little head when things piss you off while driving. I can see why he was yelling, but I feel bad for the elderly woman who may/may not have passed.

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I'm sorry, but that's hilarious :) Sucks for the old person and you, but still great.

Haha thats kinda funny.. but kinda not.. I mean people get frustrated if the person isn't attention to stop signs.. you did what alot of people would normally do.. Wasn't your fault she was dead.. not like you caused it.. or didn't even know she died until you got there..

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