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  mylittlecrow  |  0

well it was their first date, and he probably took it off during. It's not as much an FML as it is finding out only after you've slept with the guy and all.. but still sucks..

  fucklifeee  |  0

#59, some people are surprisingly smart. And usually, girls would notice a ring on the guys finger. So why would you say no? This was a good one, even though it sucks for her.

  Veris  |  0

Not everyone (especially men) wear wedding rings, maybe because they find them uncomfortable. My father has been married nearly 20 years and doesn't wear one.

  Lia_Mackenzie  |  4

A first date does not a relationship make. She can't break up with him if there's nothing to break up.

OP - That sucks, what an asshole. What kind of a guy goes out on a date when he's MARRIED? Unless #48's right, and he wanted to blow you off in some kind of seriously moronic way...

By  Qup  |  0

And you said:" no, you were supposed to tell me during our first conversation". you didn't say that? at least you didn't find out two years from now.

By  kwosti  |  0

ahhhhhh married men that date suck ass! I hear you, and feel for you honey - I had one of these assholes a couple weeks ago - although this one said he was 'exploring potential'. Explore potential elsewhere dickheads!