By hobosarea-holes - 14/08/2010 23:10 - United States

Today, I picked up a penny off the street for good luck on my job interview. A few seconds later, a hobo beat me up, took my wallet, and ran off. The whole ordeal made me late for the interview. So much for good luck. FML
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Arsonnist 3

Heads or tails?

FFML_314 11

He's a bum! Chase his ass down and steal his shopping cart. There's bound to be something worth while in there.


Arsonnist 3

Heads or tails?

Edgar210 0

Tails Never Fails

SovietRussiaUSSR 1

more like heads or fails comrade

Edgar210 0

in soviet russia..... penny picks you up?

yasmeenjonasx3 0

you deserve it for letting a hobo beat you up.

Buchitoo 4

maybe the hobo just wanted his penny back.

yeah that's why they took his wallet... to get change to get lots more pennies!!!1!

Edgar210 0

ha #14 thats what i thought

my last comment was for 14 btw oh and OP I counted up to $29 in pennies today. so you you want some... just don't beat me up.

it couldve been worse. you couldve been run over by a bus while trying to get that penny on the street.

Lol, that's terrible. I still have my good luck penny.

in mother Russia you beat hobos up and steal there wallets

ydi for being a superstitious bastard

#1 uhhh ohh umm penis?

deliciouscake 3


deliciouscake 3

Pennies are dicks. Picking dicks up from the street again, Harry?

Brittney_E 0

penis? aka heads. :]

deliciouscake 3

father always said "Don't bee a fool, wrap your tool." but that doesn't fit with this FML.

27 soviet*?? and epic fail as hobos wouldn't have wallets. unless their fake hobos, and being a hobo is really their second job. not a bad idea, I'd say...

quent10 0

that's what you get... everybody knows that the loose change on the streets belongs to the hobos 


Brittney_E 0

i don't get it D: you're numer 69. you lucky bastard!!

shmexi 0

*cough cough* fake!! *cough cough*

Tails is bad luck, heads is good luck. At least, that's what I've heard.

FFML_314 11

He's a bum! Chase his ass down and steal his shopping cart. There's bound to be something worth while in there.

Edgar210 0

lol if OP got beat up by him... i doubt op would wanna chase him

Brittney_E 0

sneak attack!

Zoydude 0

they don't take in a lot of carbs so they'll tire out pretty quick. Go get em tiger!

haha no doubt

YDI for getting beat up by a hobo

CAbullet_Caitlin 0

haha fail.

LOL this is too funny!

those silly superstitions :)

Wow like seriously if a homless man can beat you up ydi and since when are pennys lucky there everywhere!

Rianebabe0502 0

haha! yu're fault for believing In luck xD dumb-fuck xD

Brittney_E 0

i fail to see the humor in this. it's not believening luck, it's the essence of having hope.

haha fuhhhh that suxxx..... for you! haha xD

I am seeing this as an epic hobo win!!!!