By Anonymous - 23/01/2010 08:05 - United States

Today, I was walking on a main street downtown. Suddenly, I felt someone slap my butt. I turned around, expecting to be my girlfriend who was to meet me there and almost gave an old homeless man a kiss on the cheek. FML
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Homeless people action is totally the hottest.

I had to go into the city one night to pick up a broken vehicle and saw a couple of hobos doing it doggie style on a train bridge. I haven't been the same since that gross spectacle appeared before my eyes.

he was probably aiming for your lips but the horrified look on your face told him otherwise xD

if I was you I woulda beych slapped that hobo

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lmao a homeless MEN?!? wow haha

#62 the mustache in your pic made the undercover part all the more better.

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hopefully your girlfriend didn't see! :)

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No it clearly says girlfriend.. If u wld read the fml

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LMAO! A HOMELES MAN? I read this and couldn't stop laughing!!!

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Threesome with your girlfriend. WIN.