By itsawonderfulife - 23/02/2010 06:25 - United States

Today, I was walking around my new school trying to figure out where to go. Then I realized I was talking to myself. Out loud. FML
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TempestJones 0

is it wrong to talk outloud to yourself? Crap!

Whats wrong with that? Don't be so paranoid. Everyone does it.


Hope you helped yourself find your way! =)

Saying stuff out loud actually does help me sometimes. Looking a little crazy is just an added bonus.


yeah, that's mature ;P

Yeah... because human nature totally doesn't make up do this stuff, OP. I'm not even going to vote because of the stupidity of this.

if anyone asks just say you're making a soliloquoy

bettadenne1 0

who moderated this? i talk to myself when i cant find what?

tweetbaby14 18

this literally has to be the worst fml ever. everyone thinks out loud it's normal. this person failed to realize this and therefore needs to be smacked. I will administer said smacking

Felendris 0

@dandamanoo … Please. just stop. you aren't cool OR funny, and it's getting annoying that you post "dick" twice every FML. -_-

because sometimes talking to yourself is not out loud.

I do the exact same things some times

This isn't an FML...We don't need a newsflash everytime peoples bodies do something..

dickster 0

Well no duh "out loud". It's pretty hard to talk to yourself without talking "out loud" dumbass. YDI.

froggi_fml 0

it's ok. I'm sure u can fit in with the crazy people at the school. they won't judge. :)

boojie97 12

dont b a bitch. talking to urself can help maintain sanity. sure, it might look a littke odd, but im sure uve talked to urself b4 too.

Well, when one talks to oneself, it's usually out-loud. I think everyone talks to themselves silently.

TempestJones 0

is it wrong to talk outloud to yourself? Crap!

yea man, everyone talks to themselves

Whats wrong with that? Don't be so paranoid. Everyone does it.

ringmybell_fml 0

no, you're wrong. noone does it... isn't that right? yes, good point.... tonight? no can't.... just shut up will you?! put my hand where...? aaaaah! *wacks self over head with fire exstinguisher*


I have gotten relaxed at home by myself and started talking out loud regularly.... one day I forgot my gf was over.... yes, forgot the words to an angry metal song... yeah thats it

Sun_Kissed18 25

I do it all the time :) sure you might get weird looks but its a conversation starter :)

amatayo 0

0_o yeah how weird, no one ever ask themselves questions. When thinking to oneself (Roll )

How is this a FML?? How can this be even accepted by the mods when real ppl post REAL FML they don't get posted!! i SAY GTFO!!!!

Sounds like someone's still a little bitter that they didn't get Miley tickets for their birthday. This site is for funny inconviniences to make us laugh, not to post about how grandma struggled with cancer for years and croaked right before signing all her money over to you.

mmmh how old are you?? Miley who?? If this is what a FML is then i am out. u should call it ITMUL sounds better nah?? anyways.. ramble all you want but FML's can be funny without being stupid. And i am sorry if your Grand didn't love you. PEACE... :D

rawr rawr rawr, y'all want come cheese with that wineeeee.

Mirrors_fml 0

^^^ Win

Jah i'd love some.. specially the wine part...

rachexl 0

ive been trying to figure out what ITMUL stands for for about 10 minutes ;(

cowgod 0

ignoramus tumor made of ulcers and ligers?

lol!! no stands for "inconviniences to make us laugh" forgot the funny so shud be FITMUL, basically its what pandemic was saying... hahahaha sorry about that.. ;)

I Thought Mother Usually Lactates?

FITMUL? I like it! It's catchy! But don't say "that's what pandemic was saying" like it isn't listed as the website description. I didn't make that up. I'm just the bearer of the news. And bullshit you don't know who Miley Cyrus is, but just in case you don't, I'm totally jealous. that shit has nothing to do with how old you are. It infects your brain with ignorance, kind of like Twilight.

it Is catchy!! i like it too.. like pitbull... anyways.. nah , oh her? well i heard about her but dunno what she does of her life.. lol, said it was you in case of copyright issues!! cus i think FITMUL is going far!!

@12 don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

xx_kaelen_xx 0

hahaha that's really funny cause I always talk to myself lol then I realize I look crazy hahah I've actually gotten in trouble in some of my classes for talking to myself haha the teacher thoughtt I was cheating on a test FML

delaney16 0

not really a fml

I talk to myself everyday I can work things out easier that way I'll be like " okay if I go here it should take me to" .... "NO Thats not right" "well what if I go here "yeah that will work" lol seriously man it's no big deal we all do it the problem is when you hear other voices than your own