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By unfortunate - 25/04/2012 04:50 - Sweden

Today, I was so lonely that I had a conversation with myself on my way home. It was only when I reached my apartment complex that I discovered that my neighbour had been walking behind me, laughing to himself the whole way. FML
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So does this mean you made a friend?

you should get out more


you should get out more

Be like i was talking on the phone, I had bluetooth on, you didn't see it?

Tell him Toby doesn't like that

Tell him Tobi doesn't like that

RedPillSucks 31

Unless one can hear both sides of the conversation, then the jig is up.

bingababe 16

69- your comment gave me shivers. Yes, I'm a pussy but those movies terrify me :-(

hellbilly205 17

I talk to myself all the time doesn't mean i dont have a life but he seems to be the only one that listens...

That's the sad thing she was already out

So does this mean you made a friend?

You can always call yourself an introvert and not give a fuck about his opinion.

Maybe August :]

BunBunBabe 8

August someone wants to have your babies

stephhrunsaway 21

Love your username, #3. Great band ;-)

That's fine. I do that all the time with science stuff.

anthonydude 9

Hey me too, except I do it with strategic stuff like online chess and similar stuff.

I talk to myself sometimes too OP. It's not insanity. 'Least I hope it's not...

Sometimes the best conversations are with yourself :D

MetalxSoldier 26

I do that all the time but most of the time I do it in my head. (: hint, hint, do that next time. Trust me, you're not alone.

you should get out more

sorry I don't know why the message repeated

Torva_fml 16

Why?! She can talk to her new best friend all she wants. I wish I could witness someone talking to themselves out loud... :/

yoursucklives 36

talk about awkward...

Not really. It's actually more fun to be accentric, pays better too...

Why shouldn't she? This worlds getting way too straight.

By "straight," 15 means "uptight." HTH.

pattheaninal 9

Happens to me too OP. I sometimes like to pretend I'm on the Ellen show being interviewed. :)

I pretend I'm on scrubs, when JD's talking to himself

megansays 2

I like to pretend I'm having winning arguments with people of power. I haven't lost one yet!

KriiFahMoro 9

I like to pretend I'm

DCFan 9

... Carlton Banks*. You're welcome.

KriiFahMoro 9

Almost, but what I meant to say was that I like to pretend to be

you're talking to yourself, and your neighbor is laughing to himself. hehe

That's sad, why were u talking out loud anyway??

ikr. Whenever I talk to myself, I do it in my head.

Ikr, op iz so werd n junk cuh she no do wat we do rite? But in all seriousness, she said she was lonely so she talked to herself out-loud. No one else does that at all. What a freak right?

Lol that's the sane way to do it!! : D

bingababe 16

9- Godammit, I accidentally thumbed you up!!!