By louise - 05/01/2012 19:35 - United Kingdom

Today, I was on Skype with the guy I like. After a while of being on Facebook I forgot I was on webcam to him and started picking my nose. He ended the call. FML
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that1guy1 13

And why did you minimize him in the first place to rather talk to other people? I also think you could have been caught doing worse things...

Like he has never picked his nose before...


that1guy1 13

And why did you minimize him in the first place to rather talk to other people? I also think you could have been caught doing worse things...

swimchica22 0

And if you like him that much how could you just forget about him? :P

ShroomsOnAcid 16

And they could have been recorded and spread all across the internet, including 4chan, where the incident is turned into a meme, ensuring it is forever immortalized on the web.

She's a gold digger, She ain't messin' with no broke... wait that's inappropriate.

Theres probably a tissue box more or less than 5 feet away and your lazy ass couldn't get a tissue.

Tissues arent for picking out ooger boogers

Atleast you didn't eat it! That would be gnarly..

I guess he nose now that you are a digger? Haha that was horrible. Here come the thumbs-downs!

anzie_fml 9

20- maybe they were chatting in another window, or talking, and she just forgot that he could see her while she was checking FB for a moment. I don't think she forgot about him, he would have ended the "call" before she even picked her nose in that case.

GovernorGeneral 8

There goes your chances of being liked back :P Or maybe not. Maybe he was on fb too like you OP or something else :DD

Mandy0325 1

I still think picking your nose is one of the worst things you could do in my opinion.. I mean if you accidentally walked in the room naked he wouldn't have hung up the video call on you

Booger fetish FTW ;) Joking, more like a booger phobia if he ended the call! :)

there are worse things, but picking your nose is just gross

I guess you...PICKED the wrong time to do that :D

Isaac_The_Man 0

It's called The Rocker dumbAss

SecretMe00 5

I know!!! Haha wow y'all had your little convo going on so perfectly! Awesome!

bitchslapped22 14

I love how no one questioned 2's dumbass comment

Like he has never picked his nose before...

Its still REALLY unattractive to do it in front of people. Gold-digging is for private places.

^Thats an opinion. *minimizes nose-picking *****

Meh, If was chatting with someone on Skype and they did why OP did, I would just find it funny.

There's nose-picking ****? Wow, i guess there really ARE no exceptions to rule 34

I'm sure he has, but we don't walk around farting and picking our undergarments because we all do it. INAPPROPRIATE, unless you move to a third world country. ALSO, I think he noticed she forgot he was there.

Trix_Disorder 20

WOW, what do social norms and politeness have to do with how rich your country is? Go ahead and sound more bigoted.

Eh, I was joking... BUT SURE. You see, I came from a third world country, so I know that it's also normal to spit at others faces, want me to keep going? I do like making up characteristics of my people :)

62, If your joke isn't in any way obvious and does sound like something someone may actually say if they were an asshole you lose all "oh, it was just a joke guys! LOLZ!" rights. Especially when you act like people should have realised it. Idiot. JUST KIDDING. LOLZ. WHY U NOT FIND FUNNEH?!

Trix_Disorder 20

Hilarious. I'm from a third world country too (Cuba), and I still know that what you said isn't right. But that's just my opinion.

Llamacod 11

Trix disorder, you're "social norms" and politeness are not necessarily every ones "social norms" so get off your high horse

Trix_Disorder 20

So you walk around farting and picking your nose (the examples originally given)? Regardless of whether you do or not, it has nothing to do with the person I'm upset at insulting all peoples of third world countries. There is no high horse here, just trying to bring someone else off of their's.

AlaskanEskimo34 0

God dammit i was eating while reading this

I apologize, I'm used to saying OBVIOUSLY STEREOTYPICALLY WRONG comments and people realizing that it's a stereotype. I also usually sound more sarcastic in person. keyword: in person. SO I apologize regardless of my excuse, I didn't mean for it to offend any/all.

kickboxingchick 5

She never said "LOLZ". Also, she explained so stop being a nitpicker.

btstig 11

She also never said "oh, I was just joking guys!" either. Clearly it was something we call paraphrasing, not a direct quote you blithering idiot. Now take your own advice and stop nitpicking. "Eh, I was joking... BUT SURE." has a condescending "it was obviously a joke" tone to it, hence my response. If you take any issue with my comment you can submit your complaints via our suggestion box located in the top right corner of your screen.

Gosh, Downtime, I apologized and failed... Do you get off on telling people off? Here, I'll send you a picture of me crying in a corner, would that make up for the agony I've put you through? Would you like another apology? My sincere apology wasn't good enough.

HetaliaFreak 10

Awsumuzzie- You say that you were being sarcastic, but what about the last sentence in your info?

142, it also says I have blond (not true), blue-ish green eyes (not true), and that I'm scary (I'm not so sure about this now...) So, what was your question or concern? :D Btw, I'm done with this, obviously others actually have a heart to accept my apology. Thanks for your time :)

131, You can now apologise for assuming I'm talking to you. The comment was clearly for 93, which you'd notice if you actually read what I said. Funny, after submitting that comment I realised I hadn't put a number there and thought, "nah, its obvious who I'm talking to, nobody is that stupid." My mistake, won't happen again.

HetaliaFreak 10

144- You said "I am most certainly not sarcastic."

Ha... You know what, I'm not done. You're a rude person for someone that was so offended by my rude comment. Not only are you a hypocrite about that, you assumed I was serious, and you call names. How do you have so much evil in you? I'm amused, actually. I won't apologize to someone who attacks everyone/anyone. Now you speak ill of me to another person, assume I'll let it roll by, and then ask for my forgiveness... You are one to speak of humor, haha!

149, in layman's term, nothing in my "about me" is true.

Sometimes Fml threads start to feel like a Soap Opera.

152, can I be the hott pool cleaner? In season 2 I'll cheat with the main character, 3 get pregnant, 5 run away 7, come back with a 7 year old and get married?

150, I don't know what to say. Really, I don't. That whole comment was just so full of inaccuracies I'd waste too much time going through it pointing out each one. I think I'll just respond with something you might understand. "DERP". I assume this has cleared everything up between us, right bro?

153- Add a cranky, old mother and lovable, witty brother, and I think we have ourselves a show. Every1LovesBoners can be the main character.

53 - Inappropriate unless you're in a poor country? You've just said the most retarded thing on here since I've been reading fmls.

GovernorGeneral 8

159, Boners is alright... But we have to add rape in the series. What about Doc? 161, Where did you get such amazing hacking skills?!

HetaliaFreak 10

164- *boners ARE alright You say NOTHING is true? Aright, then you're NOT from Saudi and you ARE American? Then you aren't even from a third world country.

SeedlessMe 13

HetaliaFreak-- you're taking things way too seriously. You didn't understand her jokes, so now you're going to read way too much into everything she says? & besides, when talking about somebody referred to as Boners, 'Is' is actually correct. You Fail, sir.

Trix_Disorder 20

Awsumuzzie - Thanks for apologizing. I do appreciate it.

164 - whoa, okay, rape is not funny or trivial.

lilcatisawesome 7

I would die if the happened to me so atleast she survived to post this. ;

StromHawkins 0

Haha well I must say you kind of deserved that.

reallytho3 11

Tbh tht guy was kinda nit picking...

reallytho3 11

Tbh tht guy was kinda nit picking...

reallytho3 11

Wow nobody got the joke? Aint that a bitch

And about a jillion other people have ready made it.

jillianmathers12 13

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_daniellesays_ 10

Sigh. 21st century problems. It's a rough life.

Buttsexpirate 9

If he knew you weren't responding after a while and saw that you were distracted, why didn't he say anything in the first place?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Because that's no way to spy on someone.

Yah, normally I have to pay some stupid site to get my fix, but she would've done the show for free.

flockz 19

he's just mad you didn't pick him first.

Yah, OP shouldn't pick on people like that.

After reading 9's comment I was like this xD. Shortly after, I read 43's comment. Now my face looks like this -.- Way to ruin a good joke. ,,|,/

48, what are you talking about? Your face doesn't look like 'XD' nor '-.-' Either that or it's not actually you in that profile pic...

fadingfaith 4

I thought the 'drawing' was suppose to be Rebecca Black ^.