By chiclet - 02/06/2010 02:34 - France

Today, my boyfriend was talking to me on the land line when his cell phone rang. He told me to wait "two seconds" while he talked to a classmate. Their "two second" conversation lasted ten minutes, and now I can hear the French Open on the TV in background. He forgot he was talking to me. FML
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Is that like hebrew or something for fail..?

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He probably got caught up in his conversation, don't take it so personally.

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Do the same to him....oh w8! may b he will just hang up! oh yeah thats what you should have done dummy!! Still FYL ur bf 4got u!

w8? 4got? Is it that hard to just write wait and forgot? It really annoys me when people do that.

um.. stop acting the martyr, hang up and call his mobile?

Lol, you know boys can't multi-task! Give him a break haha. This isn't an FML, you'll get over it.

Haha it's actually been scientifically proven :P But I was joking lol.

Wow, that's what I call talent *cough* :P

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He was multitasking pretty well. He was watching TV and blowing off his girlfriend at the same time.

Lol that's true. My comment was moderated! They don't like my sexist joke I guess :(

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You should have hung up after like 2 minutes and waited for him to call you.

Considering he forgot about her I doubt he would have called her back..