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Today, I looked at a girl's profile on a dating website, and it told her I'd visited it. Later on, she sent me a message. It said: "Don't even think about it." FML
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Thanks for all the encouraging replies everyone. I decided to just not let her get to me and just move on with my life. #18: I think that anyone who needs to put down others and rejecting them to get an ego boost in any situation is just not a person I would want to spend any amount of time with. #25: That is an awesome idea and I should have used it!

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Tell her "no problem, I already ruled you out."

Wow, how rude!!! I hate people like that!!


Dreamsorrow93 24

Try to make her feel she's missing out on a great opportunity. I like that

Or giving a disease lol. Those are some big ***** you.

Your response to being rudely rejected is to send sexually explicit imagery? Am I the only one who would not feel comfortable being in the same room as someone who thinks this is reasonable?


Tell her "no problem, I already ruled you out."

Don't let a single person get you down, OP. There's many fish in the sea.

But that doesn't mean you go for all of them OP ;)

AnOriginalName 19

Ha.... "Single person"..... Because she's on a dating website....

#5 - Sure, but maybe it's not just the smell he's after.

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OP: "Sweetheart, I wasn't even planning on it"

Try again. Maybe you are not her type. Besides, there are plenty of fish in the sea.