By so sad no dad
Today, while out with my girlfriends, my overbearing boyfriend called and texted my phone over and over. Later, I told him to calm down and stop acting like my dad. He snapped back, "How am I acting like your dad when you don’t have one?" He knows my dad died when I was 10. FML
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By  bluejello2001  |  17

OP, this is just a sign of horrible things to come. Thankfully you seem to understand that. Get out now.
A friend of mine married a guy who calls several times a night when she's out with me and other friends. It's gotten to the point where we take the phone from her when he calls, answer it ourselves, and tell him to leave his wife alone and get a hobby if he's bored without her.

By  thehaystackerine  |  20

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