Oh no.

By Anonymous - 07/01/2018 01:30

Today, while cleaning out my daughter's closet, I found my missing dildo. It's a mold of my husband's penis. FML
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Just maybe keep that little secret in the closet.

ffc Squall 14

Burn it. Cast it into the fires of Mordor. Open up a portal to an unknown unknowable dimension and just get rid of it.


I didn't even know you could get them made like that.

you can buy molding kits at almost any adult toy store

Emosparks 4

You can make custom fleshlights too! The more you know.

about 60 bucks at any adult store

At least you found it...but she’ll know if it’s missing if you take it back...

09051308288 17

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Why are you making this out to be the mother's fault? It's the daughter who stole it's fault. If the daughter is old enough to use a *****, she's old enough to know better. I don't understand why anyone would want to use any sex toy their mother has also used, regardless.

I don't think they were making out it was the mother's fault at all. but they are right, telling the daughter it was in the shape of her Dad's penis is not going to help her. it will potentially be damaging got her

exileonmainst 16

Just give it a polish with a bit of spit and it’s as good as new!

CrazyDanceGirl04 5

yup just what I was thinking

exileonmainst 16

You’re just like your sisters crazydancegirl01-03.. Don’t ever change!

ohsnapword 21


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That's ******* gross.

Is it (hopefully) possible that the OP's husband isn't the daughters father? Please let it be true...

Just maybe keep that little secret in the closet.

I disagree. Tell her, film her reaction, and share it with me. I could use a good laugh.

Yeah she should wait till she is on her deathbed then as her last words tell her about it???

Does that count as incest?

manb91uk 22

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bigdaddyeric 35

Maybe she was just missing the “real” thing?

Really disgusting that someone would find, steal, and most likely use her mother's *****. That is some weird nasty shit. Why doesn't she use your used tampon while she's at it?