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Today, I'm 8 months pregnant with a horribly sore back and an insensitive husband. I'm so desperate for relief that I'm lying on the couch, using my vibrator to give myself a back massage. FML
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jem970 19

He should be a good husband and take care of you.

Well on the plus side when your kid grows up and ask what that is (vibrator) you can honestly say a back massager


jem970 19

He should be a good husband and take care of you.

I kinda wish I knew more details so I could decide if she really had it bad or is just a whiney bitch...

Assholes like OP's husband makes us guys look bad!

Wizardo 33

Most definitely concur, the dicks always seem to represent the majority, whilst the majority aren't dicks.

Your husband impregnates you and then refuses to care for you? What a sweetheart.

Hey, at least he didn't throw her out into the streets, 1000 miles away from your parent's house.

iammeorami 25

He should definitely help, it takes two to make a baby and it takes just as many for the rest of the process

stillnotaredhead 10

My hubby never did anything for me either :( He would just say to stop complaining because I was the one that wanted to be pregnant so I have no right to complain about it.

Honestly, if your hubby didn't want you to get pregnant, you do deserve that. Forcing a child upon someone is an awful thing to do, and that goes both ways.

How do you know the husband "does t want a child"? Are you psychic or some shit? I wish people on this site wouldn't come to conclusions like this, it's ******* ridiculous!

59, calm down buddy. she said im her comment she was the one who wanted to get pregnant, it's implied he didn't, or else she wouldn't say what she did.

61 - She never said who wanted the baby or not, and there's no implication whatsoever.

SApprentice 34

54- They could have been trying for a child, or it may have been an accident. Regardless, it takes two to tango, and creating a baby is always a risk you run when you have sex. She's not forcing it on her husband, because he would have already been aware of the risks when he had sex with her. Sure, there's a slim possibility that OP could have faked being on birth control or something of that sort, but the majority of people don't actually do that kind of thing. The only way that I could see him being morally exempt from being supportive of her and that child would be if the two of them had a prior agreement that they would not have children together. Otherwise, he's her husband, and it's time to take responsibility for what they have done. He can't just refuse to deal with it if there was no foul play involved and he was aware of the risks, or if he was aware that his wife would likely not be having an abortion should they accidentally make her pregnant.

BlitheNightmare 7

59- You're coming to the conclusion that the husband wanted the baby just the same as 54 came to the conclusion he didn't, there just isn't enough information. For all we know her husband just doesn't have time and OP percieves it the way she does, but again not enough info. All we can do is either hope OP replies with more info or we just trust what is said.

Three terrible comments in a row. Hopefully I could be the fourth. Ummm.... that was a shaky situation! Get it? VIBRATORS SHAKE!

[insert crappy and irrelevant comment here]

I enjoy the site, and I shall continue to use it. Thanks for the input though. (:

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

[insert a compliment on how 42 looks very beautiful]

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

How do you know you have a non-existent sex life? You hit on girls on FML stories. #WhatIsLife

(I'm going to thread jack this because its turning into a bf ) see mom I told you that they were good for something.

It's a pleasure devise no matter how you use it I guess!

op has a vibrator. She should use it instead of him until he gives her a massage.

If OP's husband won't even give her a massage while she's pregnant, something tells me he might be the kind of person who doesn't even want to look at her let alone have sex with her.

Well on the plus side when your kid grows up and ask what that is (vibrator) you can honestly say a back massager

But what if when he's/she's older and he/she shows the fancy "massage stick" to his/her friends O.o

#60, I'm sure by that point the kid will also be old enough to think "Oh, hey, this is shaped like a dick". If they're old enough to ask about vibrators, then they're old enough to know what a penis looks like.

No her fridge would never get her pregnant! no matter how romantic it got.

im sorry beautiful, but if i were you i would get a professional massage..

wlddog 14

Sound advice indeed. I am sure the husband would not mind paying for it, and if a massage is done wrong it can actually induce her.

Bubbelz 25

Err - have you properly read the FML? Her husband would probably refuse to pay a dime as he doesn't give a crap.

25- the place i get massages at advertises one done specially for pregnant women. so i'm sure they try their very hardest to not induce.

just watch the feet. certain areas if you press long enough will induce her. I'm a massage therapist.

StupidBunnies 10

Not too much longer and you've got a screaming child as well as an insensitive husband!

Exactly... Poor OP will have her work cut out for her.

The_F3rris 11

Who will probably yell at you when your kid cries for even a second.

tw416 6

You could invent the muti-tool vibrator, back massager the possibilities are endless...

They have one. It's called a Hitachi Magic Wand. :-)

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