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Today, I was telling my boyfriend about how self conscious I am and how I obsess about my weight. He said, "Don't be ridiculous, you don't need to lose THAT much weight." FML
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he was trying to be nice, you don't need to put it on fml.

oboewhore_xD 6

Wow. There's a lot of rude people on FML. No need to call her "fatty" or "lil piggy". :(


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Dude, she's already self conscious about her weight. Why the hell are you so insistent on making her feel worse?!

Your butt is wide, well mine is too Just watch your mouth or I'll sit on you The word is out, better treat me right 'Cause I'm the king of cellulite Ham on, ham on, ham on whole wheat, all right. Op is fat!

If I have one more pie al-a-mode I'm gonna need my own zip code.

JillianlikesVogu 0

is it ironic that 1 has a fast food dink in her hand?

tweetbaby14 18

he said you don't need to lose that much weight. what's there for you to whine about? "oh wahh I was told I need to lose a little weight! let me starve myself for a month and whine on FML!" please stop being such a baby.

WOAH!! Hang on a sec ther bud!! She ain't the one with KFC shit in her hands! She's fuckin watchin her weight!

Since when does eating fast food mean you can't make fun of fat people? Also, if someone's working out and going to the gym, I'm gonna support them, but I don't want to be forced to compliment someone sitting on her fat ass whining all day. I still will be nice and I think it's rude to make fun of fat people, but #1 isn't fat so she should be able to eat what she wants. Silly fat people...

1- you're ugly...not one to talk 50- WIN 51- that's why FML was people can complain about their lives. now STFU, you're damn annoying OP- you put your man in an awkward situation. let him be.

tweetbaby14 18

75 stfu... yea um if you want to tell me something say the actual words ok? now shut the fuck up. you didn't need to read or reply to what I said. thanks have a nice day :)

By the time i saw this #1 had no pic. That glass house shattered. Owned!

roadkill223 0

Don't worry about 51, they look like a guy anyway. If anything, they should be whining about that on here.

Why does everyone feel the need to put others down? maybe she does work out but she still can't lose the weight. not everyone can lose extra weight. or maybe she's been really stressed recently? think of others...

50, 52, and 75. So, we have to be gorgeous and eat salad all day to be able to make fun of fat people? Why is any of that relevant? If you want us not to make fun of them, use moral reasons not to, not some "logic" that we can't criticise people who eat unhealthy if we've ever eaten unhealthy foods ourselves.

If she works out and isn't losing weight, she isn't trying.

tweetbaby14 18

88, because the world is full of haters. kind of like the ones that feel the need to bash me. they are just jealous.

roadkill223 0

Jealous of what? Your logic is flawed, sir/ ma'm.

0opsie 6

What the hell. It seems to me that he said it in the nicest way possible while still being honest. You're just upset because he didn't take your "fishing for compliments" bait or resort to outright lying to make you feel better.

roadkill223 0

93, the way I see it, if you're happy with who you are, more power to you. but If you're going to bash others, expect it back yourself.

yes, i am extremely jelous of you i stay awake at night plotting how i can be more like you SHUT THE FUCK UP. is that better? now, 91, i didnt say we need to put people down. OP might have been fishing for compliments, didn't grt any, posted it on FML (that's why we have read about people's failures) and that's that. it's not our fault her boyfriend reacted that way. but when you're put in that awkward situation, what are you going to say?

you just got told.

come on guys, OP's fat shouldn't cause conflicts.

tweetbaby14 18

102 I didn't bash anyone dur. all I said was she was just told to lose a little weight. why complain? I was told to gain a little and you don't see me making an fml. thanks for devoting a comment to me. and 105 thank you for taking the time to add something to me in your comment. no need to get such a big head. I never specifically stated you're jealous; you said that on your own.

I agree because I can

well I know I'm not JEALOUS of your spelling.

119-- i was speaking on behalf of all your JEALOUS haters out there xD (124 win) let's all embrace our lovehandles and ribcages (in 119's case)

tweetbaby14 18

125 you're the one that misspelled jealous duh. and love handles? it's called a hand, learn your human anatomy. also my ribcage you can't see but it can be felt. way to make a stupid comment. 

Are we really starting the talk about "haters"? Clearly, this conversation is going nowhere, then.

chewycaq 0

119 U B looking Like a man anyway XD

MissGrinch 4

125 and 139, I would appreciate it if you both stop. Please.

i was correcting myself. and this argument has no ending. so i omit myself from it. and no one's dissing your ribs calm down

Krajjan 9

I've been reading tweetbaby14's comments and I feel silence is no longer prudent. First, you're obviously sucking in your gut so hard you can't breathe, lil' miss 'must do backbend so ribcage sticks out'. Second, as Miss Swan would put it, "You looka like a man. An uuuugly man". Third, your brain cells need a few dozen recovery cycles. So go slip into a coma, let them rejuvenate, and leave us the hell alone. Deuces.

153 you are AWESOME! =) yeaah... and the whole " youre hating cause youre jealous" thing really isnt "hatin" cause youre fucking annoying conceited bitch.

@92 Just like if you study for weeks for your final exam and still fail, YDI because obviously you weren't trying.

*ohh and the "hatin" is meant for tweetbaby14

I'm tired of these fucking fat posts. It's your damn fault you got fat in the first place and polluted the world with your neediness. Fuck our lives. not yours bitch

I'm getting sick of all these women being so self conscious about body image and aecethetics.

tweet, if you can't see your ribcage, I doubt you need to gain weight. And don't be cute-- you know that by "see" we mean "see the outline of", the same way you can "see" boobs and muscles. [No, I'm not saying she's fat, or that seeing anyone's ribcage should be the ideal. Just pointing out the inconsistency.]

everybody stfu!

Not everyone underweight is bony! You can't tell what someone's BMI is just from looking at them.

214: If you're addressing me, I wasn't implying that. What I meant was that if you're underweight enough to cause your doctor concern, you would undoubtedly be able to see your ribs. Since it's a general guideline, not a hard and fast rule, docs tend to give a lot of leeway to the BMI, especially when one is underweight. I'm 5' 8" and have been underweight my entire life. I have a small frame, though, so my current 106lbs. isn't low enough to cause concern for my health. I have to drop below 100lbs, more than 20lbs. under my ideal BMI, before my doctors tell me I *must* gain weight. I've had to pay attention to my diet and exercise to stay healthy for 20+ years (some of that with other health issues preventing weight gain and making me immunity-deficient), so I know what I'm talking about here. Upon rereading her comments, I realized that tweet didn't say she was given *medical* advice to gain weight, so I'll admit that maybe I was wrong about her particular case. However, I was basing that statement on how a doctor sees weight, not a parent, friend, etc., so with that clarification, I stand by my statement.

sheribb 5

I'm sorry but I don't see the FML here ? if it's because he said you don't need to lose 'that' much weight then it's really not an FML dude!!!!!

sheribb 5

some people really do NOT have a life.

sheribb 5

153 your tattoo is bloody awful !!

248: I bet I've got a better reason than you do for spending extra time online. Besides, why do you give a crap? =

Don't worry about what #248 said, Jane. I know that you have a good reason why you spend time online-- and it definitely doesn't mean that you "have no life." :)

hasan_shami2013 0

no one is going to read that btw

sounds like a compliment! if you don't need to lose much weight you must be skinny, right?

Fat people are hella funny when they bitch about people calling them fat. Honestly I eat like shit and drink all the time and I manage to stay in shape. So I guess what I'm saying is lose some weight it's seriously not that hard get on a treadmill you land whale.

Very true, he was pretty nice about it considering there's lots of worse ways he could have put it.

_Itz_Meena_ 0

well metabolism is a factor in it also.

LilAngel606 5

have you been looking at your weight latey

That was uncalled for, but great wee song. You should be like a lyric writer

Wake up call.

what's that... I overslept! ahhh to OP: "Things could always be worse; for instance, you could be ugly and work in the post office." -Adrienne E. Gustto --or you could be fat and have an unsupportive BF :D

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freeze is my hero

joseph42424233 0

he is like a white less educated MLK and maybe a little Oj simpson

I'm half white.

ppl respect freeze *gasps* ... that may void me for a while considering his level of undulterated faggotry is so strong I don't even have to use my gaydar to detect it.

robnunzi 0

he is a keeper stayin positive

randomchickkk 0

atleast he was honest?

Firestar1202 0

ydi if youre fat.

no one deserves it. she's aware she might be overweight chill it woth the insults

lol 'course ppl deserve it! it's their falt for being fat but OP probably isn't like biggest loser or anything. also it's nothing to make fun of :P

eh, it may or may not be peoples faults for being fat. some people just have slow metabolisms. i for one have dieted and excercised for over 3 years now and i still can't get under an overweight on the BMI chart

189: The BMI doesn't account for everyone's build. Not saying you shouldn't lose weight if you're unhealthy; just make sure you've got the right idea about an ideal weight. Your doc can help if you need it.

Genetics are the main factor that determine weight. Since when is it okay to blame people for who their parents are?

That is a plain lie.

Genetics don't make you fat. Diet and exercise. Genetics may make it more difficult to lose weight, and easier to gain weight, but it doesn't make you lose or gain weight.

time to hit the treadmill ;D

that's a nice pic

TashaLenaKitty 0

He could have been a lot more harsh, idk though maybe you should just do something about it then?!

my thoughts exactly.

She needs to stop complaining and start exercising!

nowadays, a lot of fat people go on fml to write about how it sucks to be fat. they call that exercise.

Some people can't help their weight. Don't be ignorant.

it's true though.

Those "some people" being less than 1% of the overall population; legitimate glandular conditions are incredibly rare. 99% of obese people are obese b/c A) they eat garbage, B) they eat too much of that garbage, C) they eat nothing BUT garbage, and D) they live ultra-sedentary lifestyles. It really is THIS simple: if it's packaged, don't eat it. Stick to FRESH meat, FRESH fruits and vegetables, and fresh whole grains. Eat carbs and protein together so your insulin doesn't spike. Limit fats to healthy monounsaturated fats like in nuts, fish, olive oil, etc. and even limit those b/c healthy fat is STILL fat and calorie-dense. And of course, turn off your X-Box, your TV, your interweb cyberscreen device, etc. and go outside and WALK at least. Work your way up to REAL exercise once walking more than the distance to your car is easy for you. As you progress, add strength training. Find exercise you enjoy and will stick with, whether it's swimming, biking, kickboxing, hiking, etc. Alternatively: you can keep stuffing your face with Big Macs and whine about being fat on the internet, after you catch your breath from walking across the room.

And liposuction!

I don't see this as an FML!

apparently, the FML is that she's fat.

Trollz, this is one of the most logical comments I've seen from you. I'm not sure if I should be proud or confused. I'm proudly confused.

zp5 4

I'm with the bastard^^

Agree with Trollz. I know from personal experience how health issues can make your weight hard to manage, but you still *have* to do it if you don't want to complicate whatever issues you have already. I had to do the opposite and gain weight when it was very hard to do so. I still sucked it up and did it in a healthy way. No one's even brought up the fact that many of the health issues that cause weight gain and prevent weight loss are often themselves caused by poor diet and exercise habits. I know that isn't always the case, but in my experience, it often is. I know someone who can't work out because her heart, legs, and joints are bad. Her heart is bad because she chain-smoked and ate crap for years. Her joints are bad because she's grossly obese, and they're overworked. Her legs are bad because she's diabetic and they swell, which again, is caused by her obesity. She's got a medical excuse to avoid exercise, but avoiding exercise just perpetuates the problems. It's a shitty cycle.

Trollz is spot on. If you eat healthy food in moderation, and increase your movement (ANY movement, not $1200/year gym membership movement) the weight will sort itself out. When I say 'healthy food', I don't mean some marketing lies on a packet "ZOMG! Now 97% fat free with added Madeupamine", I mean food cooked from ingredients your grandmother would recognize. In a world where it's possible to buy a single drink with more than the RDI calorie intake (I'm looking at you Baskin-Robbins), you need to watch what you're doing. (Secret hint: Most 'fruit juice' contains as much sugar as soda.) When it comes to weight problems through legitimate medical conditions, I've seen many more people where it was uncontrollable weight LOSS rather than gain (although I have seen both). The argument that it's 'genetic' is rubbish _most_ of the time too. Overweight parents teaching their kids unhealthy habits by example is _not_ genetics. Weight loss is not a mystery. 'Eat less, move more' is just something people don't want to hear.


hahah he's only telling the truth!

sam_08_fml 0

Rhats what u get for being a little piggy 

at least OP can get a man

And at least this person knows how to spell Jakil.

one 116 is a super fatty.

138-- i shall go post an FML about this now xD just kidding op

that's kinda rude of him, isn't it.

lindsaysue 4

It's more rude of her to fish for compliments and then complain when she doesn't hear what she wants.

but he could have said it better :/

please, how could he have been any nicer? I would like to know.

lindsaysue 4

I would LOVE to know how he could have been any nicer after being backed into that corner.

joa76 3

Who says she was fishing for compliments? Maybe it's just something that really bothers her, and she felt close enough to him to confide in him about it. Or maybe she wanted his support to help stop obsessing (because that's bad, regardless of if she actually needs to lose weight or not).