By Diesel - 03/05/2011 14:23 - Belgium

Today, my motorcycle was stolen. If that wasn't bad enough, the thief drove past me. Twice. FML
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So why wouldn't you call the cops at least once out of both times?


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well if he knows it's a fyl.!! of he didn't want it he shouldn't have posted it on fml!!!!

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YDI for not tackling their ass and beating the shit outta them

OP already knew it was an FYL that's why he posted it, if he didn't want anyone to say FYL he wouldn't of posted. duh

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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

y didn't u ram the out of him with a small child's face????

Ahh.. finally an intelligent FML user.

So why wouldn't you call the cops at least once out of both times?

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Because by the time the popos come, the bike would be gone again

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**** the police, they bring me no friends car was stolen and he called the police, his car was missing for 8 months and WE found it at somebody's house who was living across the street from the police station....

What does it being across the police station have to do with anything? Police don't sit in the station all day and stare out the window. They patrol the city. I'm sure the police had more important things to do then search for an unappreciative asshole's motorcycle... you go fight crime and see how long you last.

39 how can you assume the OP is an unappreciative asshole? You seem to be getting pretty worked up over the issue, are you 5-0 or something? You should take out your tampon before you get toxic shock...

Do you even know why police are called "5-0"? Probably not... but anyways, I find it funny that people say "**** the police", yet they demand our service when they need our help because they pay taxes. If OP has never needed the police before, he will. whether it be when he's having some sort of medical situation where the police are ALWAYS the first to arrive, or in a bad accident and an officer gets there first and administers medical attention... he won't be saying **** the police anymore, and he will most likely be appreciative at that point. You try doing your job every day and get shit on by 99% of the people you help. the 1% are the people that make it worth it.

87 you just made me look forward to becoming a police officer.

Take the firemen test while you still can.

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Marrying police officers, ftw. FREE HANDCUFFS! :D!

87 Yes the term 5-0 was popularized by the tv show Hawaii 5-0, and 5-0 actually in reference to Hawaii being the 50th state. I was totally kidding when I made that remark, I guess I know now that you really are a cop. I can understand where you are coming from, but all the same it wasn't the OP who was ragging on the police, his post never mentioned anything police-related. You make a valid argument and I'm not one of those that has the whole '**** the police' mentality, although coming from Austin I certainly understand why some do. However I concede that to cast all officers under the same stigma is wrong as I have met some really great ones; it's just the uniform that links you all together, good cop or bad cop. Anyway, try not to take it personally, I'm sure you're one of the better ones out there.

Right there with ya 87. I get so damn tired of seeing all the haters on here. I've defended "us" a good number of times, to no avail most the time. We are all corrupt, donut eating, pigs.. but by God we better be Johnny on the spot when some shitbag gets his crack money stollen. Gotta love the irony right?? Anyway, stay safe brother!

You too brother. No hard feelings anyone.

oh yes, yes... didn't see your profile :)

**** the police just not all of them. **** the ones who pull people over or a broken ******* license plate light and act like complete assholes for no reason. **** the police who yell at peoples parents when their kids mess up. **** the cops who think there better than every one else for taking a course. now those cops who used to be in the military, and those cops who pull over a bunch of teens for egging somebodies car and just make you clean it up. the ones that joke and let little shit slide to get people that are doing the bad stuff. those are real police officers. and by little shit I mean for broken lights or tint. the harmless stuff.

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The are multiple gun fights out in my neighborhood (yeah, didn't know the area, oops) and the cops never show up if I call. There are bullet marks on the bricks that make up our porch. I never see much crime fighting around here. Just someone to pick up the pieces, sometimes. Now it is pretty evident to me why poor parts of the city stay poor because no one gives a shit to clean the place up. Freaking drug deals everywhere and there is never a policeman patrolling the area.

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That was full of fail grammar. I don't even care. Winning, duh.

Part of the problem is that cities are not providing their city with enough resources (personnel)... for example, my department is down 35 police officers and over a hundred compared to the "national average". This is all because of the so-called economic situation... it's bull crap.

36 u act so proud and as Michael weatherly once said it's called legwork (old fashion police work) on NCIS. anyway my point is you are not a wise guy you noticed your surroundings.shalom to you.

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cgchamp89, you are my idol. All jokes aside, which I normally do on this site... the police haters on this site disgust me. If they don't like the laws, then they should hit the damn voting booth and be active in their local government! Respect the normal people who have the balls to become police officers and deal with that shit! Anyways... yeah ^_^

ever since I started watching NCIS I've wanted to become a police, or something like an NCIS agent. but cgchamp89, u made me want to become a police officer even more. you are such a great influence and that's coming from a 12 year old girl.

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Good, then he can see his bike crash ... Great idea !!

Just be sure to hit the guy not the bike

Write his number plate down so the police can track him down oh wait it would track to you. Jokes i'm not that stupid just get a gun and shoot the tire.

You could throw a rock at him, or my preference: practice your drop-kicking skills. Trust me, it ALWAYS works in the movies.

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i was gunnu say shoot thd ***** .. but i guess throwing some pebbles is helpful .....

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Should of hit with an almighty clothesline.

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Unless the thief got the helmet too...

At that speed? You would shatter every bone in your arm and strain your back. You would also most likely give him whiplash which could result in his death which YOU would be charged with.

should have been waiting with a bat when he came around the second time

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You look like Justin Bieber.

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The thief is a show off! I hate show offs...

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show offs are worse than thieves. but theiving show offs?? thats just plain wrong

Show offs don't bother me much, but thieving show offs that show off what they stole in front of the person they stole it from are a different story. On another note, L has such boney hands...

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Yes, why yes I do have boney hands ;) Excuse my perv-ish moment there.

He was gathering up speed to make a get away.

dude I love you! you should be a comedian your hilarious!

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he will probably drive past op again before gaining enough momentum.

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Maybe he was trying to get to 88 MPH

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I can't emphasis enough how pathetic you are, OP.

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What's pathetic is how SOME PEOPLE don't know how to spell emphasize. :)

I can't emphisize what an ass you are.

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I can't emphasize how many grammar Nazi are on FML. People say that proper grammar is going out the window well don't believe it.

He was probably just showing off some LIKE A BAWS. Report him anyway.

Time to man up. Steal a car and chase him. once you get beside the bastard swerve a little bit and he will over correct and fly off the bike. slowly get out of your car walk over to him and scream YOU JUST GOT KNOCKED THE **** OUT!!! then take your bike give him the car keys and call the cops saying you want to report a car stolen.

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Genius. simply genius. Except I don't think the OP is Bruce Willis

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Somebody has been playing too much Grand Theft Auto.

GTA is a computer game you know, you just cant copycat that..

Actually do you know how many car jackings take place in a given year as well as people killing prostitutes? just look at the craigslist killer that happened a couple years ago. and as a side note I don't play gta.

hey u forgot the part where u stomp him out and piss all over his face

grand theft 'motherfucking' auto dude!