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By  SeasonedLemur  |  5

I smoke two joints in the morning
I smoke two joints at night
I smoke two joints in the afternoon
It makes me feel alright
I smoke two joints in times of peace
And two in times of war
I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints
and then I smoke two more.

  sasonzal  |  4

anyone who tried it and knows it isn't a drug,and by the way people who wants an excuse for red eyes just say your contact lenses burn(even if you don't wear any)works for me perfectly

  Grimmerie  |  31

anything that alters your levels consciousness and hormonal and chemical balances - with the exceptions of necessities, such as food and water - is a drug. caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, and so forth ... all drugs. don't advocate ignorance, and learn what you're putting in your body before you fuck with substances!