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Today, I found out that the weird lump on my eye is benign. That would be great news but they aren't going to treat it at all. Now I look like I'm high all the time. FML
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I smoke two joints in the morning I smoke two joints at night I smoke two joints in the afternoon It makes me feel alright I smoke two joints in times of peace And two in times of war I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints and then I smoke two more.

This is a problem because you ARE stoned a lot, right?


Oh wow you made first. Hooray for you. Now here's your free laptop. Oh wait, I lied.

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#1 its spelled "Im a tool."

This is a problem because you ARE stoned a lot, right?

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That happens to be exactly what I was thinking. =P

I was gonna get up and find the broom.....

I was gonna get up and find the broom but then I got high...

sorry 38 I didnt see your comment when I posted :(

my room is still messed up and I know why (why man?)

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I was gonna go get high!! but then I got high!!! WooHooHooHoooooo

i dnt really see the problem. just get high nd then ull havr n excuse.

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because I got high, because I got high.

I was gonna make love to you, but then I got high. I was gonna eat your pussy too, but then I got high. Now I'm jacking off, and I know why!!

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when I was first reading this, I thought you were going to say you had cancer. just be thankful it isn't, OP :)

I THINK I HAD THAT TOO. on my eyelid once, but my doctor said I was good looking anyway so it wouldn't marr my overall good lookingness.

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106-benign means it's not cancerous, it can't kill you like real friend had a benign tumor in hr stomach she didn't die cuz it was benign:)

ok but I STILL don't know what benign is

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Benign is something that will not harm you. I don't think it's that difficult.

You'll be the popular kid at school that gets all the chicks.

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^ exactly this is why it's a good thing

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Doesn't mean she said she was straight 81 :P

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look in the corner dumbass

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now u can get high all the time

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I still don't get why it gives you a reason to be high if you just look like you're high?

cause u have an excuse if some one Accuses u of being high! :D dam op is lucky


you have to be a pothead to understand

Lol I just read this convo and it was so funny XD

Everyone on this site is high. You're good.

wont be a problem if u ARE high all the timee :D

thats not cute . but now u have an excuse into getting high (:

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15- lots of people. not me but lots of people would like to get high

I'm sure towelie wants to get high

I would always like to get high. Infact I'm getting high right now. You should too 15, loosen up a tad ;)

anyone who tried it and knows it isn't a drug,and by the way people who wants an excuse for red eyes just say your contact lenses burn(even if you don't wear any)works for me perfectly

anything that alters your levels consciousness and hormonal and chemical balances - with the exceptions of necessities, such as food and water - is a drug. caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, and so forth ... all drugs. don't advocate ignorance, and learn what you're putting in your body before you **** with substances!

maybe you should get a pair of sunglasses.

haha, well on the positive side that just gives you an excuse to be high all the time then? (: