By Amsterdamned13 - 13/09/2013 19:02 - Netherlands - Leiderdorp

Today, I found out the hard way that my boyfriend and mother have been sending each other sexually-explicit picture messages. FML
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Amsterdamned13 tells us more.

To everyone: she told me in a funny way after seeing the phone. He is an EX now, and for now most deff no contact with her. Thanks for kind and also unkind words. Gr from Amsterdam

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Someone call the therapist...

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!!!


Someone call the therapist...

jasmine2301 25

Forget the therapist! Where's Maury when ya need him?

Gross. That boyfriend's an ass, and there's something very wrong with mother. I smell a Maury episode in the near future.

Oops, I guess great minds think alike 12. Lol


jasmine2301 25

#24, see #3.

Someone tell me what the EASY way of figuring this out is...

SkyGuy32 17

#1, this FML is just perfect for Dr. Phil. #52, my thoughts exactly. However, I think that it is frowned upon when people reply to a comment just so your comment is near the top, rather than actually say something about the comment or the replies to the comment.

I don't think a therapist will help at this point try Jäger


Am I the only one that thought of porn?

I'm sorry OP. Time to kick him to the curb and have a serious talking with mommy.

And maybe invest in therapy sessions.

And hopefully get those horrible pictures of your mom out of your head... Yikes

She found out the hard way eh? Well I think it's safe to say her boyfriend was enjoying it..

Done and done :-)

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!!!

Best Comment ever!

111 - Because there definitely isnt a button for that!!!

That's disgusting on so many levels.

An Oedipal-in-law complex?

Well, now we know where you get your innate sexy from. Momma just has so much of it he couldn't resist.

And hopefully OP won't be able to resist kicking his ass to the curb.

And que cheesy porno music

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*Cue-ka doodle doo!!!!

#67 C-c-c-combo breaker!

jasmine2301 25

How did you find out?

She probably saw her moms sexually explicit sext on her boyfriends phone.

You never know what may pop-up wile browsing through the family pictures on iCloud.

I'm sorry your mom is a cougar. On the bright side they're reinventing the Oedipal complex...

We used to call that winning the double header. If she has a sister/gilf in the family he could go for a hat trick.

Kick his ass. Your mother needs to find her own man, that's pathetic.