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Today, I woke up at 3am after 2 hours sleep to get to my 7.40am interview with the Air Force. I went through a full medical check, a psych test and an interview with military personnel, was there for 7 hours with no food and only water to drink, only to be told I wasn't suited to the position I applied for. FML
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Woah, okay. Let's go. MEPS - I don't know what the hell this is, but it doesn't exist in Australia. Qualifications - You could have all the qualifications in the world, and still not be suited to a position. It's sad, but it's true. The OP said nothing about qualifications, and pretty sure general entry into the Australian Defence Force only requires you have your High School Certificate. Sleep - Perhaps nerves kept her from getting a good night's sleep. Understandable if this job meant a lot to her. Preparation - Sometimes, no amount of preparation can quell one's nerves, particularly with things of great personal importance. Time - I have had an ADF interview, and on the letter it says the process should take four hours. Also, you have no choice about what time your interview is. Food - The OP obviously believed that it wouldn't take much longer than 4 hours, so didn't feel the need to take any food. When I had mine, there was no food available for interviewees, only tea and coffee. And I, for one, was too worried that I would be called to one of the interviews while I was out if I went to get food somewhere else. OP, FYL.

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You went to bed at 1am knowing full well the importance of your interview the next day, and presumably the fact that you'd need to wake up exceptionally early? Wow, how I wish someone put you in the cockpit of multimillion dollar aircraft. That's just what we need. YDI

You had to get up at 3 am to get there by 7:40? How far away do you live?


yeah i went for that interview thing too (i was trying out for adfa) and didn't get accepted. They say on the letter that'll take a long time. No big deal just try again next year. i'm not going to bother though i'm sorta glad i wasn't accepted.

if two hours of sleep for one night and seven hours with no food make an FML for you, you don't belong in the military at all, even the Air Force

I thought that at first too. I go seven hours without eating on plenty of days, and pretty much all I ever drink is water. So, I don't see the problem there. Eat a meal with some lean protein before you go in, since protein digests slower and helps to keep your blood sugar more even, so you won't get hungry again for longer. Two hours of sleep? Perhaps one should plan ahead better. Candlelight before bed and some melatonin usually helps me rest. (Candlelight does not disturb your natural sleep patterns.) If an interview is enough to make you anxious to the point of losing sleep, then I can't see you performing well in the armed forces. Perhaps it's for the best.

kinda agree ^^ and i'm not trying to be sexist or anything but its prob cus you're a girl... i'm all for equality of men and women. men and women are equal in value doesn't mean they are the same. there are things men can do that women can't and things women can do that men can't.... just my opinion though...

Yeah, OP, pretty sure that's what all the tests and checks are for: is to determine if you're suited for the position. How else do you expect them to do it? Doesn't sound like you're suited for any of the armed forces. Have you considered crocheting or designing kids' dollhouses? I think they're also looking for people to test out fingerpaint.

far too true, the army and military forces require a bit more exertion and stress than a few hours without food...

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Everyone above does seem a bit sexist but I kinda have to agree. Maybe they saw you whining about lack of food for a couple hours and decided that they did not need a baby to protect our country.

Actually there aren't any jobs in the Air Force a girl can't get. There are jobs in the other branches girls can't get (and for good reason, IMO) like combat or submarine jobs, but not the Air Force. There are even female pilots, I've met a couple. Pissed one off because I grounded her plane.

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I have a friend at Westpoint and he says that at times when they have to run with a full pack they have to carry the packs of the girls who are too small f'ed up is that?

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then if she was sexist, certain sexism has to be right. if not being sexist means you have to ignore facts, then i'd rather be sexist and informed than not sexist and ignorant. The fact is, many girls wouldn't be able to run with a heavy bag for a long period of time. their male counterparts often have to run with both their bags. the fact is, men and women's bodies are different.

Your fault you could have grabbed SOMETHING to eat

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No, she really couldn't have. You can't take anything into MEPS, and they don't feed you until pretty late in the day. Still, I agree with everyone - if you're really complaining about the fact that you had to wait longer for lunch than you're used to (because they definitely feed you breakfast at the hotel - if you didn't eat it, it's your fault), you're not really prepared for the Armed Forces.

she's from Australia, would have been their equivalent to MEPS but not MEPS

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I know this isn't an American fml but they do feed you at meps and they have snack machines.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I've been trying to get my GED for months. So I beg my mom to work from home last Tuesday. She does. We get up early, get dressed, and leave. Got my ID from the state so I could get my GED. Get to the college. Sit waiting bored for an hour. Then go to the area the testing is done in, only to be told they're filled up for that day and it'll be two weeks before I can try again. So then I had to wait another hour or more for my bro to get done with his test and take me home. Grrrr.

You had to get up at 3 am to get there by 7:40? How far away do you live?

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I think she's embellishing a bit. They send you to you a hotel to spend the night in. The hotel calls to wake you up 3, the bus would've left for MEPS around 4 or 4:30... and it's not so much an interview as a whole bunch of tests to make sure you're physically and mentally capable. Chances are she wanted a job that she couldn't lift enough for or didn't get a high enough ASVAB score for.

#8 Far enough away to make sure she had to get up at 3 to get there by 7:40? Isn't that obvious?

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When I went to the military entrance processing station, they made us wake up at a ridiculously early time (3:30 am), but we didn't start processing until about 5am.

just saying here, the American MEPS is not at all like it is in Austrailia. we do a lot of things differently here than they do over there

You went to bed at 1am knowing full well the importance of your interview the next day, and presumably the fact that you'd need to wake up exceptionally early? Wow, how I wish someone put you in the cockpit of multimillion dollar aircraft. That's just what we need. YDI

Being a pilot isn't the only job you can do in the Air Force. Just saying.

Would you prefer to have someone like this working on the aircraft instead? And yes, I'm fully aware that the Air Force does involve a wide range of job opportunities that don't involve any direct contact with an aircraft, but that hardly has the same ring to it.

Was this your dream job? If not, how in any way is this a FML? Here's a few himts for next time: - Long interview does not gurantee an offer. - The fact they are the military does not gurantee employment. - Finally, they arn't your parents. No one has to feed you. You are not entitled to anything.