By Helpy - United States
Today, I was out for a nice walk and saw a man being attacked by a large crowd. Instinctively I ran to help him. I pushed one "thug" off him and that little time allowed him to escape. I later found out the man I saved had just keyed someone's car and they had intervened. Guess whose car. FML
Helpy tells us more :
This is the OP. 1.My car got keyed. 2. Sorry I still have morals and actually help people. I'm not afraid to stand for what I believe in. 3. Idk it was a spur of the moment descion. I thought by the time the police came he could be seriously injured.
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well, look at it this way, if the mob is made out of bad people, you and the guy are going to be beat up, if the mob is vigilantes, this kind of thing happens. the moral of the story is dont mess with the mob

  skizza_fml  |  3

she looks ok to me if she needs a life for commenting on fml then you should get a life too I hate hypocrisy, did you know the guy op? if it was random then even bigger fml

By  AngelRaven89  |  0

I'd say YDI for not properly assessing the scene, but I guess to be a hero means acting fast. Technically you did the right thing anyway, that fight could have escalated and someone could have ended up really hurt over a stupid car.

  Zanquis  |  22

keying a car doesnt sound much but any idea how much fixing the damage of that car is? it means your car needs to be repainted on one side. Where i live that will on average cost about a 1000 Dollars if you want to have it done right. And sometimes you can still see a collor difference between old and new paint. Ruining the sale value of the car permantly.

And with most insurance companies i know you have to be able to proof someone else did it and that you didnt scratch your own car.

  zoffix  |  0

Funny how you correct someone's misused article, yet yourself confuse "then" and "than". Is it just me or when one is trying to be a pedant and corrects someone's grammar errors, that person makes a mistake themselves? :)

  ClementBacon  |  0

This perhaps should be "errors of grammar" or "grammatical errors". I preferred to think that it was more likely to have been a syntactical error, or an error in choice of word.

By  Leprecon  |  3

You deserved it man ...
You didnt know what the fight was about, you should have stayed out, maybe even called the police. You dont start randomly picking sides without any knowledge whatsoever.

By  MiseryMan  |  0

The man who keyed OP's car is probably a prophet. He wrote: "My victim will inevitably aid me in fighting the crowd of accusers."

OP should have that man write a book!