By Scumbagmemory - United States
Today, I was texting a guy that one of my friends told me about. She gave me his number and told me about how he was deaf. Three hours into great conversation I forgot and asked him what his favorite music was. FML
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Omg !!
Something like this happened to me a couple hours ago.
I was playing a game and asked this girl to tell me a good song..she replied with 'im deaf'
:( i know how you feel. And i hate that feeling >.<

  iluvhobos  |  5

A lot of deaf people actually really enjoy music. If they turn it up loud enough they are able to feel the vibrations from the music, especially the drums.


Governor I quite enjoy watching you snap at people who correct you, so here goes. It's feel*. Pretty sure feal is not a word, considering it keeps getting autocorrected to deal.


Sorry that was a mistake . In the one that got so many thumb downs i spelled it right.
...i was gonna snap at you cause in The first comment i spelled it right i didnt realize about the other comment. I know how to spell feel -.-


Deaf people can talk. It's harder to learn because, yes, they can't hear, but I have several friends who are deaf and they can both speak and read lips to know what I am saying without signing

  doglover100  |  28

Deaf people can actually listen to music. They can feel the vibrations and if the music is really loud. Not all deafness is hearing nothing. Some people can hear little sound. I can hear some.

  farnsworth  |  3

It's like this one time when I was about to fall asleep and I started thinking how do deaf people hear their phones ringing? Then I came to the conclusion that it must be a combination of vibration and visual help and when I was happy with my answer I realized deaf people don't talk on the phone >.<


Colour blind people know what colour is what, they are taught that. It's just that they can't see very well, can't see one or more colours or have a really hard time determining the colour. My cousin is colour blind only for red. He sees every other colour on the spectrum just fine.

  drawmesunshine  |  17

37, You ought to reread 5's comment because he ays "trying to exlain colours to blind people." He said nothing of colour blind people, so you're aurgument is invalid.

  Ashystar  |  1

88 - did you mean to say the original poster used the right one? because you stated he used the wrong one and then explained how it was right :)

  DooleyFTW  |  17

Yeah I'm not sure how common it is but some deaf people still listen to music, I think it mostly tends to be those who became deaf rather than those born deaf. There's even a deaf dj called Frankie Wilde I think and he's quite good!

  crashley21  |  10

Although Beethoven did this, deaf people can still enjoy music with speakers placed on the floor. It's done at the local deaf school here for their dances.

  kittenvks  |  11

I think telling the truth in this situation would be better. "sorry I was really enjoying the conversation and didn't realize what I had said till it was too late!" that's kind of flattering... At least I think so.