By lostintellct - United States
Today, I had a hour long conversation with someone I apparently was friends with a few years ago. I couldn't remember who he was for the life of me, so I just played along. Finally, I told him I didn't remember him. He had the wrong number. I had a long conversation with a wrong number. FML
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By  Dukedj  |  0

Maybe thats what you get for pretending you knew the person. Its a sticky situation when you pretend like you remember someone's name when you really don't, and you just happened to pretend that you knew a complete stranger. YDI

By  Luckster  |  0

bummer deal dude....that's not only awkward, but somewhat heartbreaking.

You two could have become good friends if you were able to keep up an hour long conversation like that.

By  wutupbruh  |  0

woah that sounds like fun though! if you like talking to strangers go on lol. its great. and i call wrong numbers on purpose just to talk to them... though i have no life so its cool.