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Today, I realized the guy I like is not deaf. This would normally be good news. However, for the past two weeks I assumed he was deaf after seeing him use sign language. I've been openly talking about him within earshot. FML
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twinny_sc 13

Wow that's stupid because even deaf people can read lips.


smdbeeach 0
pingpongpenguin 3

I know sign language, does that mean I'm deaf?

smdbeeach 0

that was my first first so its not like you wouldnt have said it either

twinny_sc 13
pingpongpenguin 3

wow #9 I learn something new everyday! captain you're a failure. which two words? :D

 That's sign language for "op, γου are an idiot."

pingpongpenguin 3

hahaha....wait, inappropriate! >:O

alaskan420 0

pjman, I still don't understand it, elaborate.

KingDingALing 9

OP- You owe suck him off!

FootballFreak4 3

31 I was thinking the same thing, but yeah you're right. If you just take out the "how" this fml makes sense.

Sonfang 19

lol to bad for you OP, there are those people like me who are labeled "non deaf signers"...hope you were only saying good things about him...other wise you really don't like him, and you're just a beast...oh well if you were saying nice things then I'm sure he was enjoying them otherwise he'd have said something..soo not really a FML...

I'm just curious on what OP based their likes of the guy on. If it was anything other than looks, the OP couldn't have really liked the guy. And if OP never heard him speak, how could the OP know enough about him to like him to begin with?

SoundnVasion 0

They read hand emojis, duh! (   )

OhMyHolyBalls 0

So, let me get this straight. You like a guy that you've never spoken to before and you talk about him right in front of him? My guess is that he was probably flipping you off and you thought it was sign language.

twinny_sc 13

Wow that's stupid because even deaf people can read lips.

delaneylove 0

just because someone is deaf doesn't mean they can read lips. reading lips is wayy harder than signing. I know like ten deaf people and they barely read lips.

not all of them, moron. I am deaf and cannot read lips.

twinny_sc 13

I didn't say all deaf people could read lips.

You said "even deaf people", meaning all. You're so stupid.

purplemnm 9

I'm partially deaf and can read lips without my hearing aid in.

I thought that deaf people can't because they don't know how a word sounds like so...?

I think he meant that even SOME deaf people can read lips. He never stated all so we shouldn't assume. it makes an ass out of you and me :)

twinny_sc 13

You're stupid, because I said even deaf people can read lips meaning that some not all deaf people can read lips. My point being that even if OP thought the boy was deaf, she shouldn't have been talking in front of him because he could have been a deaf person who can read lips. Dumb broad.

twinny: Stop calling names. You didn't clearly state what you meant. Broad statements like "deaf people can read lips" are typically understood as all-inclusive. Notice I said "typically", because I'm also acknowledging that not all people will understand it that way. See the difference one little word can make when you say what you mean? I'm not going to touch the misuse of "even" here. In response to the whole lip-reading thing, OP only said she was "within earshot", not in front of him or even within view. I doubt she would gush about her crush if he was looking directly at her, which he would need to do in order to read her lips.

wowthatshorrible_fml 0

lol 44 my teacher told me about the whole assume thing

Hi_Itz_Me 0

He didn't say that all deaf people can read lips. That's just what you inferred, which sounds like a personal problem to me.

He had you pegged as just that kind of a bitch.

how what? I think a couple words are missing..

JayJayAttackAtta 5

just drop the how completely and it makes sense

I think how she could possibly like a guy and think he's deaf when he isn't is missing.

I'm thinkng the missing phrase is "how [much I like] him." Looks like an editing mistake to me.

FML mods have been slacking badly lately ;/

rfngxhhshi 0

the irishjanedoe jas revealed her true form! some ugly rat thing! looks better than her orange haired dyke form anyways :p

FFML_314 11

What is wrong with you, 103? Is it the fact that her beauty not only flourished over the screen, because of her obvious glow or is it the fact that her personality is far more up lifting than your own? Who are you to insult her? By the way, you're color blind. And stupid. If you want someone to ridicule, make a better case.

What's with the hating on TheIrishJaneDoe? She's awesome. The ferrets (that is what they are right? I seem to recall a post where you talked about ferrets) are adorable by the way.

rfngxhhshi 0
FFML_314 11

Shut you. You make yourself look like more of an idiot, each time you post.

rfngxhhshi 0

uh oh I got ffml now too. how do I kill those who have no lives? but really, you must know you have an issue when the posters on fml become like a second family, you two. add the number of hours you've been on this site and tell me it isn't pathetic fylives

Says the person insulting random people on the internet....

rfngxhhshi 0

it's how we badass thirteen year old bieber look alikes/ wannabes/ 8th graders roll now adays. insulting people on the Internet shows the ultimate feat of toughness and badasssery. sure I might lose toe to toe but my girlfriend let me touch her small **** yesterday, so it's all good in the hood chibster.

You are a bit of an odd duck, that's all I have to say about that.

Thanks for the kind words, to those that have them. And yes, they're ferrets. :] rfngwhatever: It's our time and our lives. Why do you give a ****? Obviously you do, or you wouldn't take the time out of your oh-so-full-and-fulfilling life to grace us with your words of wisdom. For someone griping about my frequent comments, it's apparent that you don't pay much attention to them or you'd know why I have so much time on my hands. It's no big secret. Many other frequent commenters, including Anna, have very good reasons to spend time here as well. They don't need your validation to justify that. Besides, we don't all have to sit down and devote our full attention to reading something, like a child puzzling out One Fish Two Fish, in order to comprehend it and respond intelligently. Multitasking on this level isn't exactly brain surgery. Although, to be fair, I can understand why it might seem so to someone at your maturity level.

JaneDoe, I noticed you changed your picture. it looks good. (:

FirstBornUnicorn 0

Either he is really good at pretending to be deaf or you are really stupid.

I am going to go with her being really stupid.

sweetdeafgrl08 0
purplemnm 9

that's no way to look at it. you should be happy, that's one of the things that set you apart from everyone else. besides, the world is better when it's quiet.

sourgirl101 28

I can't hear fully out of my left ear and it does suck royally! People always think I'm a stuck up bitch for ignoring them. I'm not, I really can't hear you! i have to constantly ask people to repeat themselves. It drives me and them crazy! But I am able to read lips.

I wouldn't say being deaf is that bad. It's not like you're mentally retarted, I have a few family members that are deaf, and they are still functional. Plus being able to read lips and use sign language is awesome.

RedPillSucks 31

Sign language is a lot more versatile since you don't have to be in earshot to communicate. I once watched two people signing while one was in the airplane looking out the window while the other was in the terminal looking back. They carried on a full conversation (I took sign language for a while). All the hearing people could do was wave at each other.

sourgirl101 28

Reading lips is indeed awesome. Those Kong Fu movies really screw me up though.(; At least I do have one good ear.

Eh, I'm sure it does suck sometimes, because people are so stubbornly clueless about any disability or difference. Whether it sucks all the time is a matter of outlook.

FirstBornUnicorn 0

If you're deaf, you can't listen to music.

sourgirl101 28

I just realized we are ALL responsing to "Sweetdeafgrl". How funny is this? TIJD you always seem to see the silver lining. It cheers me up reading your comments. And RPS I'm still trying to figure you out(:

84: I'm glad! That's nice to hear, because believe it or not, I'm a bit of a pessimist IRL. :]

I'm deaf in my right ear and it sucks dick dude

purplemnm 9

I'm deaf in my right ear and partially in my left, i know it's hard sometimes but it really helps to remain positive. I have a strained relationship with my family members because they don't enjoy talking to me and I have problems making friends at school, it hurts to the point where I cry at night sometimes. I just look on the bright side and try to make it through.

If you have hearing aids, you can listen to music.

doglover100 28

It sucks sometimes. You just have to make the best of it.

There are days where I get fed up with my hearing loss but you learn to accept and embrace it.

ydi, you should have learned from that movie "The Quiet" with elisha cuthbert