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  Blink182ftw  |  0

Fuck your life because you were supposed to take a test, but the professor didn't have it ready because he went to a concert last night. And you sold your own tickets to that very concert in order to study for the test.

  DocBastard  |  38

OP- quit yer bitchin'. You studied, you're prepared, and you missed one freaking concert. Certainly not FML-worthy.

And to all the skroal-types repeating the FML- every one of you sucks ass. You even suck more ass than skroal, because he was at least original in his suck-assedness. The rest are simple-minded dolts with nary an original thought in your brainless heads.

  FunnyWeasel  |  7

well...what can i say?

1. that is bogus on so many levels
2. your professor has good taste
3. you shouldn't study the night before so you can have your fun or i don't know...

  number0  |  8

It's funny because you missed a concert to study for nothing.

I bet studying late at night, along with legonut4's awesomeness, was nice and moist.

YDI for listening to music.

  Brittaneyyy  |  0

fuck that he could of atleast got u a tshirt for fucking up everything your best bet is tell him either give me the A or I'll let your boss know where you were last night instead of preparing my test!!

  ParaCabXD  |  0

also agree cause if you studied BEFORE the night of the concert you would have been able to go. I'm sure your obviously cool professor could professor could of told you that

By  happyk  |  0

That stinks but at least you felt the test was important enough to sell the tickets and study.

On the other hand, you could have been studying for days beforehand and went to the concert, then just brushed up in the morning.