By mcfaily - 27/02/2010 20:45 - Canada

Today, I arrived at work to find an email from the manager whom I had bought concert tickets from the night before. He said he had actually sold those tickets to someone else. He still expects to be paid. FML
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tell him to choke and die. he sold the tickets to someone else, that someone else better pay him.


soozjw 2

He can "expect" the payment all he likes, but if it was up to me he'd be very disappointed! How can he expect you to pay for something you're not going to get? He's an idiot and you will be too if you pay him. Hope you get it sorted ok, mustbe difficult having a jerk for a boss. FYL

how can you say you "bought" tickets, but he expects to be "paid" did u pay for them or not? this is a stupid fml why would u ever apporove this

boatkicker 4

Perhaps he meant that the manager would not give the money back?

The manager sold the concert tickets to someone else, but he still expects the OP to pay him for the tickets that he never got or will get.

he can't force you to pay. and if he doesn't give the money back (if you already paid him) you can press charges. this isn't really an fml, more so a minor inconvenience

asianwolf 2

is your job involved in politics? if so then of course he wants to steal your money.

#75 The presence of the words "the night before" at the end of the first sentence implies that the manager sold the tickets to the person the previous night, probably told the OP he'd get them the next day. Next day comes around, no tickets, but he still wants money. At least, that's how I interpret it.

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if he expects to be paid then I say pay him with a nice ass beating

79, you do know that the site was created to post the things that ruin your day, right? it says that on the website. It does not have to be something that literally "***** your life."

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I would only pay him if he gives you the tickets. Other wise he can go f*ck himself. NO Product= NO payment.

i'd say it's an fml if it causes unnecessary workplace tension, which it very well may, considering it's the OP's manager. |the kid|

Yeah. And talk to your HR department right away so that this is on file in case he tries to give you shit for it.

do20ss 4

flatten his tire then make rough sex to his face he will have to keep u around, then u extort him....then he will pay u

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wat if the op and his boss are both guys?!?!

Your boss kind of sounds like a jerk. That's a shame, too. FYL

TahoeFMler 22

Um, then he's crazy or an idiot. I think I'm going to say you're full of it.

kick him in the balls and say **** you I quit :D

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Why would your boss expect YOU to pay? Tell him you don't have to pay for something you didn't get.

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Simple, don't pay. If he tries to take you to small claims court then make sure to print the ad, the online receipt, and that e-mail. If you don't have a receipt, then have your bank statements ready. He's not gonna get anything except humiliation. Don't worry, you'll be fine.