By Dan V - 05/09/2016 06:35 - United States - Troy

Today, I found out my co-worker had made plans for a night out, just as I'd cancelled all of mine to work with him on a project for the next 4 hours. FML
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That sucks! Karma will totally come back to bite them in the ass!

Hate to burst your bubble, but karma is not real.

From OP's comment, it seems like it was a misunderstanding. There's a lack of information, but it seems like neither checked with the other before acting. OP canceled their plans, while their partner didn't. Maybe it's one of those 'shit sorry' moments.

Tell him it was a bad schedule and timing

Time for a nice shower before hitting a charting system of ideas and coffee breaks

That situation sucks, but his personal suck level depends on whether he knew you were expecting him to sacrifice his evening before you started cancelling things.

Time to do most of it yourself and prove that you did so it makes you look better.