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Well clearly it's time to stop.. watering down your drinks with so much ice.

You simply might be an ice lover, not an alcoholic.


Well clearly it's time to stop.. watering down your drinks with so much ice.

Sounds like somebody needs to start making some homemade Jack Dagnals ice cubes.

Haha.. that sir, was brilliant.

Kinda hard to make Jack Daniels ice cubes but if you figure out how please let me know! Considering liquor doesn't freeze I just don't know how that's possible.... ?

Liquor will freeze. Just have to use more water than alcohol

You simply might be an ice lover, not an alcoholic.

"Welcome to our weekly IA meetings."

#14, Meetings? No, thanks, I have to deal with too many iceholes in my everyday life!

Haha is ice another name for meth where you are?

Ok what I meant was 'is ice also the street name for meth where you are? Cos it is here, so these comments are funnier to me'

all of your kitchen appliances sit you down in the kitchen. “phil you have a problem. you're killing the ice machine, we're not saying quit. but maybe use less ice"

Thats a hole nother set of problems if your appliances are talking to you

It's not so much that you're an alcoholic, more that you use too much ice. The less ice you use, the better off your icemaker is AND the more alcohol you can fit in your glass!

Just drink red wine, no ice required, no chilling time, straight from the shop to down your throat. Sorted.

I'm not a fan of wine, but I do have both Hornitos and Milagro in my freezer. No ice required for my drinks that way :)

Chill the glass. I have those freezable cooling glasses. Buy more than one and rotate them. When one gets warm, get another.

Call me crazy but I prefer my red wine slightly chilled. (:

#39, You're crazy and you're welcome!

Just shove the whole bottle into the freezer or a tub of ice till its chilled. As long as you're not an abusive alcoholic... Cheers!

Hey at least you realised it yourself! It'll be easier to take control now.

Yes but unfortunately it sounds like OP is already in denial "Today I found out I -was- an alcoholic"...

Uh-oh, looks like you need to join a 12-step program. Step 1. Admit you have a problem. Step 2. Buy an industrial icemaker, like a Manitowoc, and continue to get wasted. Step 3. There is no step 3, nor steps 4 through 12. Cheers!

Step 13 ???? Step 14 Profit!!!

wow, you need a bigger ice maker

You should switch to hot toddies and hope your stove is less shitty than your ice-maker.

I had to Google that...I'm so ashamed.

#25, it's OK if you had to Google "hot toddy," but if you had to Google "stove," "shitty," or "you," I'd keep that to myself ;)