By maybe dead in a day - United States - Buffalo
Today, my boyfriend of three days met up with me at the movie theater, sporting a crude tattoo of my face on his cheek, along with a love heart and the word "forever." Looks like I'm single again. FML
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By  DontClickOnMe  |  28

Wow, um good thing you ended it because that's a little over the top for someone you've only been dating for three days. I would watch my back though if I were you, just be cautious of your surroundings because who knows what he would do.

  peppermintpink  |  11

I hope he was playing a prank on OP with one of those temporary tattoos that look real... That guy is gonna have a tough time finding someone else with his ex's face tattooed on his... He might just dedicate his life to stalking OP for lack of anything better to do...

  charvisioku  |  22

93: It was apparently a 'crude' tattoo, which would lead me to believe that he either did it himself or the "artist" who did it for him was as unprofessional as they come, in which case it's very plausible that they didn't bother to bandage it. Plus you're not supposed to keep it covered for too long because that makes it sweat too much. You have to give it some air if you want it to heal properly. And OP would have been able to tell if it was fake: you can tell as soon as you look at a tattoo if it's real - especially if it's freshly done. It would be red raw for a start. So I doubt it was a temporary tat if this actually happened. Unless OP has no idea that tattoos involve a needle. Which I sincerely doubt.

And they're not always done in multiple sessions; I have a large fully coloured one on my leg which was done in 1 session.

  xxBFMVAAMIWxx  |  18

My shoulderblade piece took only an hour, done by a highly skilled artist, and the only redness I had was where the black gradually shaded out to my skin colour, and that redness looked natural. I had it wrapped for about 2 hours.

Now imagine this as a crude tattoo...

  fylx100  |  19

How is he crazy? What is the difference between knowing who you want to be with and getting a tattoo and knowing who you want to be with but just hiding it from everyone? He's just crazy because he's showing it more? Now I know getting a tattoo is bit extreme but still. Point is, two people could be desperately in love with someone exactly as much but if one gets a tattoo, he's considered the crazy one?

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

He's considered crazy because he got a tattoo of OP on his face. Face tattoos are usually only sported by insane people, but getting one of a girl you only dated for 3 days? That's fucking crazy.

  AllieCat21  |  21

43, it's HIGHLY unlikely that the boyfriend could predict whether their relationship would be lifelong or not after three days. The fact that the tattoo was on his cheek makes it exponentially worse.

  DracoSpirita  |  21

62 - What's exiting? OP from the relationship? And how do I own "growing up"? Does this mean I can copyright it and everyone who grows up has to pay me a fine and in a few years I'll be a bajillionaire? Because that would be freaking awesome.

  Misskayfoyer  |  14

Well now he is stuck with a tattoo of his ex on his face... But idk I think he deserves it for being so rash. No one truly falls in love that fast. You don't know someone well enough to love them after just 3 days.

  abbiyroad  |  16

I don't agree with you #90. Call me crazy but, I still believe in love at first sight.
Don't get me wrong a face tattoo after any amount of time together of someone else's face is weird but, ... No it's just weird


90 - I met my husband on my first day at my new high school when I was 17. We talked, we went to a movie, he told me he loved me, and six years later we decided it was time to get married.