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Q: When will flatulence no longer be funny? A: Never.


Aw, that stinks!

"Love Stinks, yeah yeah"

^my daughter has a little skunk that sings that tune. She plays it over and over and over. Just reading that sentence made me want to reflexively grab it and throw it across the room.

Why did everybody downvote this? It's great!

FML has a policy against cheesy puns.

Reminds me of the movie Ted...

I don't understand the sense of humor on fmylife. I thought this was perfect.

Actually sounds like a fun guy :) i know it maybe wasn't the correct setting, but i bet you had a good laugh about it :D

bask in the ambiance!

The silent killer strikes again.

That's kind of funny but at the same time it's really not. It's rude and disrespectful, and I'd never do that while having dinner with a girl.

oh just wait till you're with a girl for a while. It always happens. Who knows, she might be the first to start.

My boyfriend and I fart in front of each other. It's different when it's a long term relationship in which you're comfortable in

The way to a man'a heart is through his stomach, and unfortunately farting comes not long after. Embrace the fart and he will love you!

Q: When will flatulence no longer be funny? A: Never.

Guys can be so immature at times but we love them anyways

Haha yes. Yes you do.

Immature or hilarious. Fine line for some, but I find it great fun.