Hi Molly

By bellaellaella - 22/09/2009 18:10 - United States

Today, after months of enduring my neighbor's relentlessly yapping schnauzer, Molly, I moved into a new building. I was greeted by my new neighbor and her yapping rat terrier, Molly. FML
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YAP YAP YAP YAP! It is still better than listening to kids cry all night...

time to move again


time to move again

How ironically hilarious. Still, I feel bad for you

Or check out the place/neighbors before moving in If you're renting, which I assume you are since you said moved buildings, why not complain to the landlord?

^^ this. If you are living in an apartment or something just complain. Just because the place allows pets doesn't mean people can have a dog that barks 24/7.

you should come be my neighbor, iv got a dog named Molly too.

hey, they can't live for THAT long, can they?

No move shoot the dog with a bb gun that'll shut it up

How unlucky.

YAP YAP YAP YAP! It is still better than listening to kids cry all night...

Your picture: DELICIOUS ^_^

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lol But rats are so much quieter and well behaved. At least they can only destroy things in their cage. My rats are wonderful pets. Better than dogs I think. They can even be taught to come to their name and stuff.

I agree! I love rats. Your photo is sooo cute! :D I assume that's your baby?

Ooo toss up for me, I loved my pet rat, but my dogs are awesome too!

Yeah, and the commenters said DOGS ARE RATS.

move somewhere that doesnt allow dogs next time.. duh

ah the irony

Buy an Eagle, they eat small shit like that. Havent you ever seen the vid of an Eagle dropping a Goat off a cliff?

probably an osprey

Puppy? :'( Did it die? My neighbors have a special sound proof room they put their dog into at night. xD Its still adorable, though. ^^

I agree with #14.

Small dogs are the worst dogs ever... They bark at anything, their bark is loud and obnoxious and they don't stop once they started. As for a solution, punt it. Just fucking punt it like Jack Black does in Anchorman...

You act like big dogs don't bark at everything, too. The point is, they're rats, and just like all other pests, they need to die. All of them.

Aren't you positive.

you need to die

At least a big dog doesn't have an annoying yappy bark. You can train a dog not to bark, boo on the owner who lets it yap away all the time.

that blows. and is a wild coincidence ;). FYL even If this is fake.