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  genius_man16  |  0

^^ this. If you are living in an apartment or something just complain. Just because the place allows pets doesn't mean people can have a dog that barks 24/7.

  wolfy_fml  |  5

lol But rats are so much quieter and well behaved. At least they can only destroy things in their cage. My rats are wonderful pets. Better than dogs I think. They can even be taught to come to their name and stuff.

By  Vertoule  |  7

Small dogs are the worst dogs ever... They bark at anything, their bark is loud and obnoxious and they don't stop once they started.

As for a solution, punt it. Just fucking punt it like Jack Black does in Anchorman...

  aaaaa2p  |  0

You act like big dogs don't bark at everything, too. The point is, they're rats, and just like all other pests, they need to die. All of them.