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BlondePsycho tells us more.

OP here to answer your question, yes it is a woman doing this, and shes not religious or modest in the least, her phones background photo is a picture of her own ass in a thong bikini while she tries to stare at the camera over her shoulder. I work on a different floor with a different bathroom so thankfully i never saw the offense myself but i had a number of complaints from women that they walked in on her with her pants down splashing around in the sink and any attempts to confront her about this result in her either ignoring that shes being spoken to or bursting into tears and denying shes doing anything wrong, (Which is bulls*** i have atleast 8 witnesses to the contrary) Better still, my male supervisors both find this hilarious and dont want to deal with it for fear of being accused of sexual harassment. I was going to post a sign in the bathroom along the lines of "Please do not wash your venereal diseased vagina in our sink" but our lawyer says this is inappropriate so i guess i have to make something else. Bottom line is if youre making people uncomfortable in your office maybe you should find some other place to douche yourself.