By Anonymous - 10/01/2014 02:45 - Sri Lanka

Today, my parents used my going away party as a cover up for my sister's surprise party. I didn't know until they brought out the cake. FML
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So I guess your sister wasn't the only one who was surprised


So I guess your sister wasn't the only one who was surprised

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No it doesn't. OP's parents are flat out assholes.

Take the cake and hide. At least you'd get something out of the party other than disappointment.

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Did you not remember it was your sister's birthday? It would be funny if your sister's birthday is in May, but people are happy to just come out and celebrate her awesomeness.

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#17, wouldn't that be a great surprise if everyone came to a party for you, even it wasn't your birthday?

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Haha that happened to my mom once. Her birthday is in December, but all of the family wasn't together until May (my oldest sister lives in France), so we had a surprise birthday party for her in May. She was quite surprised.

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What's worse is that the crowd sang a medley of Happy Birthday and Hit the Road, Jack topped off by Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey, hey-ay, Good-bye!

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#22, thanks, I knew that but don't think many others do. Plus, many people only know the song from near the end of sporting events. :D