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Today, I found out that my fiancé's sister, who only got engaged a couple of months ago, is getting married before us. I wouldn't have a problem with this if she wasn't planning her wedding to be exactly like ours will be. FML
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Tell her that it's not right to be doing that. You've probably planned for a while and she just took it like that


Tell her that it's not right to be doing that. You've probably planned for a while and she just took it like that

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@23 A wedding is about putting your heart into an important day. Someone who copies it is stealing from the OP and ruining the day she and her fiancé planned

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The wedding is just the icing on the cake. It's there for looks. Not the most important thing. What's really important is the love op and her fiancé have. Sure planning was probably hell but that's just it. "Planning" that's all it is. No wedding ever goes perfectly.

I wouldn't mind someone copying my wedding as much if it was AFTER mine. The sister here is stealing the idea while most likely trying to make it look like it was op who stole the idea. I'd be incredibly upset too.

I think it's a bunch of superficial bullshit, but ok. To each their own.

Agreed. The sister is a bitch for doing that.

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What a bitch move...but I agree with #1, make it clear she's copying you, not the other way around.

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Edit: comment #1 has since changed, it originally said, "Send out your invitations first"

Yeah sorry I thought it said same day I fixed it but yeah make it be known it was your planning that was done first

And get some relatives on your side before she does. Make it clear who had the ideas first.

Tell your fiancé, it's his sister so he'll know how to deal with it.

Not necessarily, my husband's sister pulled the exact same crap and he couldn't do anything about it. We took it a step higher, my MIL and kept the rest of our planning a secret. She had to pull together something else at the last minute and had a Valentine's Day type wedding in the spring. She's complained about her wedding not being what she wanted since. The poor man she married.....

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Wow I feel bad for you that's such a bitch mood. And the fact she complained about not being able to steal your wedding idea is childish.

That sucks OP. Hopefully your wedding will be way better than hers anyway! :)

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That's ****** up on so many levels. Sabotage the little shit.

Calm down it's just a wedding thats similar to someone else's

If you told her about what your wedding will be like then she probably did steal your ideas. Tell her a new idea and say that you and your fiancé are doing this new idea and see if she changes it.

Tell her false info about how your wedding is going to be and make sure to have someone close to her explain why that isn't the right thing to do. Also if you can exclude her from any of the planning is she was involved before

Is it possible to get married on the same day and have one big marriage? if so, suggest it

I (and I imagine a lot of other women) would hate to share my wedding day with someone else

well idk i think it's better than having someone copy your own marriage

I would hate to share my wedding day with a brat who decided she was going to copy my wedding plans.

Since weddings are usually special and intimate to the couple getting married in particular, it seems rather less special and intimate if you're sharing it with another couple. Usually you want it to be YOUR day.

@12 I would never share such a special day with someone like that or in general. It will be a day that unites my bf and I. And if anyone uses it for their own proposal, I would cry

marriage is a one time thing dude, I see where you're coming from but it's a bond in front of family, friends, and God (unless you're atheist) to be with each other forever no matter what it's not a day to share..

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Along with what everyone else said I honestly could not share my wedding with some one who decided to steal my wedding plans. Plus the sister in law seems like a huge brat and would probably try and make it all about her anyway.

My dad had that exact thing happen to him. He announced to his family that he was getting married in May, and then his brother announced he was getting married in March. My dad was pissed at the time, but don't let your sister bring you down! You're getting married, be happy! And also, congratulations! :)