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By huh? - 18/09/2019 13:00 - United States - Monterey Park

Today, my ex-boyfriend sent me a photo of him getting head from a gorgeous woman. He captioned it “Jealous?” with smiley emojis. I’m not sure what’s creepier, the fact that he sent it, that he even has my new number or that we broke up more than 8 years ago. FML
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Send it to his mom if she’s still alive.

julfunky 29


julfunky 29

Signed: "--Bob (When can this horny guy suck on that, too ;-)"

Send it to his mom if she’s still alive.

My vote is for the 8 years. Getting head from a gorgeous woman should make him forget about you. Who am I kidding? Getting head from any woman should do that, except maybe one with nasty, pointy teeth.

Why would him receiving a ******** make you jealous LMAO I mean I like oral sex as much as the next person but I've never fondly reminisced of blowing some fella and I am so baffled by how that was his go-to method. Ok but anyway, OP, he's obviously a moron and also a jerk, and I feel like someone should get that poor other woman away from him as well.

Your reply should have been "Yes. Her eyesight must be incredible to find that tiny thing, or did she go by sense of smell like I had to, following the scent of failure and regret with a touch of urine.

I would have replied: "He's cute, what's his name?"

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The fact that he thinks you're jealous of an over 8 year gap relationship makes me believe he only just got over it.