Pipe down, Brenda

By Anonymous - 20/05/2016 19:38 - United States - San Antonio

Today, my soon-to-be mother-in-law decided that she is going to be in charge of planning my wedding. All decisions must be approved by her, and anything she doesn't like will be thrown out. She also wants to go on our honeymoon with us to make sure I don't "defile" her son. FML
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Tell her to go flippity flappity f**k herself and that she could do that in her marriage not yours


Tell her to go flippity flappity f**k herself and that she could do that in her marriage not yours

omg, lololololol thank you thank you thank you for making me laugh my ass off... omg lmao

dragoongirl90 34

Best phrase in a comment ever.

What an abracadabra Alakazam Asshole.

Thank you for teaching me this new variant of "Go F yourself" :D

tell her to flippity fluff & f**k off

Tell her if she's not paying it's not her choice. There's no need for her to be a momzilla, you should make it how you want it :)

Isn't defiling your new spouse the whole point of the honeymoon

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@88 That was my exact thought too lol.

You should be able to stand up to her, but honestly.. Even if you can stand up to her, if your fiancé can't I honestly would be rethinking the marriage a lot. If you don't have his support, I doubt she'll back off. She might not either way, but I really doubt she would without her son stand up to her. And fighting against her your whole marriage by yourself would be exhausting and extremely stressful. He needs to not only be able to support you in you standing up, he needs to stand right next to you.

Paying or not... That is a total lack of respect... You should elope and send her the honeymoon pics of you TOTALLY defiling her son. Just sayin :D

I think it's time for a serious talk between both of y'all.

Yeah, this should be dealt with before anything else happens. My grandma on my dads side did that shit and the only reason she backed off was because my dad refuses to contact her for years and she was busy dealing with two of my meth addicted uncles. Trust me, if you can't get her to back off, it's all down hill from here.

Think it's time to have a little sit down with your fiancés mother, that ain't right :/

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it sounds like you're marrying both of them

Yeah, well, she is. The *marriage* may be between her & hubby-to-be, but she's *marrying* the whole kit and caboodle.

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Awww she cares so much about you that she wants to lift all your burdens off you, including taking her son's virginity! How touching.

I have a feeling it's already been taken...

Well, the mother-in-law is riding them both pretty hard. So they're kinda both getting ******.

Talk to your fiancé about it, she have no right to do that, so put on your wedding panties, stand up to her and plan the wedding without her approval, she should keep her big nose out of YOUR wedding... Congrats on the wedding btw, I hope you and your spouse will have a wonderful time. :3

Agreed, what does she do if you decide to keep something in the wedding she does not like?

It's your marriage... Not ur mother in law's.