By fucking fratricidal - 13/10/2012 22:25 - Canada - Bedford

Today, for the second week in a row, my brother woke me up in the small hours of the morning begging me to help him figure out the math problem to turn off his phone's stupid-ass app alarm. FML
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goldensh0wer69 3

I have that app. Show him how to lower the math difficulty setting on the alarm... I don't doubt your ability to figure it out, but your brother is clearly too stupid to do it himself.


How old is your brother op? If he's old enough to have a phone he should be able to solve a math problem.

JustDerpin 11

Depends what the problem is. Or maybe since its early, he just can't think well like he would if he was wide awake

1- I've seen kids who are 9 and 8 year-old with phones better than mine. Age doesn't not matter to own a phone these days.

19 to bring you back, we are talking about the problem of op. Op, it means you are good at Maths, wow!! :) Gift him a alarm clock.

26- I felt like replying to # 1's comment, you got a problem with that?

26 - that's not how things work when you reply to a COMMENT and not the FML itself.

Berichsoon , It was my mistake, sorry :) you are right.

I thought to reply to op to make it visible, otherwise it would have gone to some page 3 4 where no body sees it.

saIty 17

Kids today: "OMG!! My parents won't let me have anything" - Via iphone.

iluvevil01 11

Am I the only one who remembers a past FML about a man not being able to turn off his alarm due to the same app? Maybe it's the same guy in a different FML O.O

Unless he put on some ridiculous integration calculus problem, those are always fun to do. ^^ Though I don't know how you end up putting on a math problem for an alarm that you can't even solve, unless he just typed in some random numbers/equations.

Anab143 kinda just admitted to being a thread jacker... *pulls out gun* CAN I KILL IT???!!!

"1- I've seen kids who are 9 and 8 year-old with phones better than mine. Age doesn't not matter to own a phone these days." Sad, but true. I was recently at hospital and there were a group of young kids in the waiting room, all playing with iPhones. They must have been only 4 or 5 years old, and they were throwing the phones around and generally treating them like crap. I can't imagine what a 5 year old would need with a phone, let alone one as expensive (and breakable) as an iPhone. >_>

devore504 7

99 i am sure it was their parents phone and not all kids act like that i know kids not even in school yet that can play with phones and ipads without throwing them

habibiiiiiii 2

Seriously delete the app moron!

goldensh0wer69 3
SenselessPattern 12

Math, science, history, and english is hard. Maybe I should go to school one of these days.

Math, since, history, and English ARE hard, I think you are right, may be you should go to school.

40- Lol you got me there, I'm not even gonna blame it on autocorrect, I type fast so it's my fault.

bitch_pleez 10

Math and science are so easy Source: calc bc and ap physics at 15 years old

I suck at math, some people are just bad at math.

Psych101 9

47- Saying math and science are easy is like saying purple is the best color. Oh, I didn't mean that they're opinions. I meant that they're both ridiculous. Blue is the best color.

Bitch_pleez - You know what else is so easy? Being an obnoxious 15-year old braggart. We aren't impressed, I assure you.

Somebody go get Shrike, we got a douchebag on aisle 47.

Math is hard o-o depends on which part of math it is.

X_Codes 11

"Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe." -Galileo

#47 nobody gives a **** about what you do

#66, Galileo explains why you don't want a math problem to turn off your alarm.

47 - If what you claim is even true (not too likely-this is the Internet), I wouldn't go waving it around. Just a helpful tip in life: People don't like when you act haughty. 53 - You're silly. Orange is without a doubt the best color.

"... Math, science, history unraveling the mystery that all started with a big bang."

alstbv12 13

It's ridiculous how much big bang theory i I've watched today 86

-I'm 15 taking those classes as well, who gives a shit? No need to brag ass-hat.

47-Shut the **** up you pretentious douche fag. Source: General consensus.

SenselessPattern 12

I would love to pretend my comedic genius meant for me to put "is", Unfortunately, I'm just that stupid I guess. Time to go write an FML about making a joke about being stupid while being stupid.

goldensh0wer69 3

111- You kind of just did anyway though...

53-your comment made me laugh. Red is the best color. If we had some proper methods on doing science & math life would be little less difficult.

#47 You can die now you elitist prick.

I almost forgot that is the answer to every math problem.

It's actually incredibly hard to incorporate sarcasm in a series of numbers and letters; what was a scathing comment in my head obviously didn't translate very well into text.

I knew it was sarcasm, didn't think it was funny, then I decided to be a ****. Hope that clears things up.

I'm pretty sure it's getting all multiples of 9 back into 9… but I could be wrong…

Break his phone op. Problem solved for the both of you.

peachesncreem 21

Or maybe OP's brother can stop using the app?

Instead of breaking the phone OP can put a math tutor book and a calculator next to his bother's phone

That'll never work, OP should just put a physical tutor by the book.

OR, OP can change the alarm time to his own preference. Problem solved and never oversleep again.

He should seriously delete or change the alarm app

Why? It seems to work, I mean, ops brother seems to get up when the alarm rings.

5) No, he should set the alarm to an easier setting. I had an app alarm like that once. It asked me a mildly difficult math question to turn off the alarm, and wouldn't let me close the app until I answered the question. It makes your brain work to solve the equation, which helps you become fully awake. I highly suggest it, unless your poor at math. I don't remember the name though.

I have that app. Show him how to lower the math difficulty setting on the alarm... I don't doubt your ability to figure it out, but your brother is clearly too stupid to do it himself.

CoolRainbowdash 15

Or if that fails, get his phone and delete it yourself. Sure he can reinstall it but he might take the hint.

Haha, I guess it's doing its job right. I feel for you though OP, my brother wakes me up in the middle of the night to ask if I'm sleeping just so he can say good night before he goes off to sleep.

wannabemom 5

Smartphones have internal batteries in which you're unable to remove.

fylx100 19

He could have an android. They have external batteries...

Have you thought of taking the app off his phone yourself when you have it? I would.