By khaelian - United States
Today, my girlfriend fell down the stairs and broke her ankle. She also had a bruise on her leg due to her friend biting her. I spent the night in the hospital to be there for her and support her, but I should have expected that the nurses would treat me like a criminal. FML
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  Iskaria  |  0

I had my legs on my friends lap in college two years ago and he just grabbed one and bit (he'd been frustrated all day and I was winding him up) so it can happen lol ^^ it left a nice little ( ) shaped purple bruise!

  iVereor  |  0

blame twilight lol and all these supernatural tv shows. i don't spend my time watching all these annoying shows and movies but yeah kids are turning into vampires now kinda sad

  Gameguy602  |  0

He used something that is informally known as an "Interrobang". It's meant to be read as a question that is being yelled, as if the person posing the question is surprised and is demanding an answer. There is also a symbol for an interrobang, that looks like and exclamation point and question mark superimposed over each other, I don't think it ever became official.