By khaelian - 10/11/2010 17:22 - United States

Today, my girlfriend fell down the stairs and broke her ankle. She also had a bruise on her leg due to her friend biting her. I spent the night in the hospital to be there for her and support her, but I should have expected that the nurses would treat me like a criminal. FML
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BrandonG_fml 0

Horton hears domestic violence.

green_eyes124 0

Why did her friend bite her? Gosh, all these vampire movies and tv shows have people going crazy! : )


Snickers369 0

dont you love hospitals?

Snickers369 0

that's kinky

green_eyes124 0

Um, I'm a little confused by the second comment.

He is implying that she likes it rough hes not..

Then i have no idea. maybe he has a weird hospital fetish

Comments 1 and 9 have no relation. If 1 felt the need to waste 2 comment spaces he should have made a new post.

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obvious the nurse thinks he beat her


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HallowBlue 0

No, they just think he was abusing her.

Sun_Kissed18 25

bruises and broken bones don't look promising haha but being there for support should show the staff that you aren't bad

HAHAAHAAA, you think being there makes him look better?? makes him look worse, like he's sitting there to remind her not to say anything

52 is right... But OP, She had a bruise on her leg due to her friend biting her. WTF???

I had my legs on my friends lap in college two years ago and he just grabbed one and bit (he'd been frustrated all day and I was winding him up) so it can happen lol ^^ it left a nice little ( ) shaped purple bruise!

Cause when you abuse someone you generally stay overnight with them at the hospital???

So they don't say anything to the nurses

sexyscooter 0

that bites...

ayye! Wallenberg !!

BrandonG_fml 0

Horton hears domestic violence.

sexyscooter 0

hahahahaha love that episode!!! that and the one wer its a crack rock! ! ! ! ! ROBOT CHICKEN FTW

That was in Famiy Guy, not Robot Chicken...

goldiefox 0

Haha! =P Bite me!

not creepy at all? O_o

goldiefox 0

Joking dude. I would never want someone to bite me! =P

79, I do believe you missed a rather well executed pun.

on the bright side at least your not a criminal...

Liar. You pushed her down the stairs 'cause you found out she was preggers.

FuckMyEveryth1ng 0

Yay makeshift abortion!

Lennes 12

Well that's one way to do it.

green_eyes124 0

Why did her friend bite her? Gosh, all these vampire movies and tv shows have people going crazy! : )

ya... after he said her friend bit her i stopped reading II am more focused on that. Please explain why her friend bit her.

Her friend is a rabid dog.

Kiggerz989 0

Crazy kids these days... <_<

iVereor 0

blame twilight lol and all these supernatural tv shows. i don't spend my time watching all these annoying shows and movies but yeah kids are turning into vampires now kinda sad

You know wat truely happened so fuck the nurses.

I don't think the girl friend would approve of that.....

Yeah, then push THEM down the hospital stairs afterward.

lol smart-ass :p

HaxivX 0

jesus Christ. Biting her leg? You mean a girl on girl leg bite?!

Where does It say a girl bit his girlfriends leg...? No where, stop making assumptions.

azhein 0

he had a question mark looks like he was asking if it was

He used something that is informally known as an "Interrobang". It's meant to be read as a question that is being yelled, as if the person posing the question is surprised and is demanding an answer. There is also a symbol for an interrobang, that looks like and exclamation point and question mark superimposed over each other, I don't think it ever became official.

antsinmypants199 0

wow. that actually made my life. i want to see the symbol!!!! cuz i do that allllll the time haha