By Forever alone - 01/05/2015 14:24 - United States - Lincoln

Today, I told my friends I was kissed by a girl. They said "Yeah, probably by your mom." The sad thing is, they were right. FML
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Why would you even fucking brag about that?

Welshite is human too.


Welshite is human too.

I've seen my fair share of negative Welshite comments. Nobody is a comment-genius every time.

Why say you kissed a girl when it was your money?

MrsHaxxo 22


I think he meant mommy

i wished i was kissed by money, except i kiss it goodbye

At least you have money to kiss goodbye.

@2,9, 14, Autocorrect can be a real birch.

Birch, yep xD

Hopefully on the cheek? No worries, OP! You'll find your love someday!

Why would you even fucking brag about that?

Probably his first kiss.

Your picture fits your comment perfectly

they cray cray?

You should have told them "No, it was my grandma!"

How did this get past moderation

Yeah.. You definitely had that coming

To be fair we don't know OP's age

Anyone else placing this guy's age as under 15?

#13: 30 seems more amusing to assume...