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By Anonymous - 22/11/2010 06:26 - United States

Today, I came through a DUI checkpoint. The trooper noticed some donuts I had. He asked, "Are those donuts?" Jokingly, I replied, "Yes. Why? Are you going to confiscate them?" He didn't see the humor and pulled me off to the side to have a team search my truck. FML
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FYLDeep 25

They can't search it without probable cause. Donuts do not count as probable cause no matter how much they want them to.

making cop jokes at a cop may not have been the best idea.


making cop jokes at a cop may not have been the best idea.

Gabriel Iglesias did it..... suppose he's a comedian after all

FYLDeep 25

They can't search it without probable cause. Donuts do not count as probable cause no matter how much they want them to.

agreed. at least in australia. they need a warrant to search private property.

Degrastic 0

Vehicle searches only require reasonable suspicion, not probable cause.

sourgirl101 28

Donuts...munchies....pot smoking.....trooper just being an ass. Btw OP, cops hate donut jokes.

FYLDeep 25

Either way, donuts do not qualify. You should have been clear unless you actually were drunk or something, but in that case I think you would still have to fail a sobriety test before they could search it. All I'm saying is, don't let those ******* walk all over your rights.

sourgirl101 28

I agree. However, sobriety tests are designed to make everyone fail. Even the most straight laced person would not be able to pass them. It's just an excuse.

ulicksam 0

When you consider that a sobriety check point stops everyone without probably cause, even people doing absolutely nothing wrong, you can see how they can do whatever they want.

The thing is though, that someone making dumbass jokes at the expense of a man with a gun who is trying to determine their sobriety, may in itself be grounds for suspicion. It sounds like what the cop did was vindictive, but if you tell the exact same story with a slightly different emphasis, it would be defendable. Oh, and while we're at it, where are all the people who were complaining the other day about the Australian being pulled over at random, saying it wasn't possible? Clearly random DUI checks exist in the US too...

sourgirl101 28

Oh Z, they're going to stay quite. They'd be stupid to stand in front of your firing squad.(:

FYLDeep 25

I hate anyone willing to abuse their authority, in this case, cops unlawfully searching your property. It's nothing against cops though, just people who do shit like this.

Actually sourgirl, sobriety tests are quite easy.

Yeah your right about probable cause but he might of given consent to the officers to search the vehicle after they pulled him aside.

unomo 0

Amendment 4/1- no search without warrant. Amendment 4/2- no unreasonable search and seizure...

next time don't say anything and this wont happen

right, maybe even kiss his butt...sheeple!

WallyTheWombat 0

It's not against the law to try to make conversation. Either way, OP should have kept his mouth shut instead of holding up the line by trying to make conversation and then getting pulled aside.

Did you at least get to keep the donuts?

My guess is no, the officer probably took them as they were "suspicious material" and he had to investigate their powdery, glazed goodness himself.

Gondile 4

Then he got high from the cocaine that powdered one of the donuts. Other men reported him and got fired. He realized his childhood dream was over. He snapped and went insane. He came home and left a note for his wife and kids, wishing them good luck. Then he put the noose around his neck and kicked the stool over.

I think they're either powdery or glazed; not both.

YDI for being a douche, even if he was a cop

so if you are ever planning to drink and drive bring doughnuts just in case :D jk but yeah for in all seriousness don't drink and drive because you put people in danger. drinking and driving is bad mmmkayy

I guess there was no freedom of speech .

There was only the right to remain silent.

RedPillSucks 31

Freedom of speech is a myth. Yell "fire" in a crowded theater, "Jump" while in a crowd watching an imminent suicide, or "lynch him" in the middle of an angry mob and see what happens.

Although, yelling "lynch him!" in a movie, "FIRE!!" to the cops around an imminent suicide, and "Jump motherf**ker, jump!!" to an angry mob could all have much more amusing results.