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  Evil_Wench  |  16

A day off..? For pimples..? Yes, it sucks to be in pain but seriously the world is turning into a bunch of pussies! OP should just take some ibuprofen and get on with it.

By  isisorchid  |  16

Tooth paste (not the gel kind) will help dry them out. I know it's too late now, but for future reference. Just apply at night and wash off in the Am. If that is too strong smelling make a paste of baking soda and water, it works the same way.

  hippo1234  |  19

Sometimes peroxide or antibiotic ointment can help as well. Also, sanitize your mouthpiece every time! And wipe your mouth down with an astringent after every concert/practice, it stops junk from building up and making zits. I would know, I was an acne prone trumpet player.

  slutfactory  |  17

I used to use toothpaste as well for my zits and it worked fairly well despite leaving dry spots. But my mom's coworker also did this and woke up one morning with a bloody hole where the toothpaste was. So I'm a little paranoid about the whole toothpaste method now.

  nlm92  |  15

And leave your orchestra for a week? I'm not thinking so, not in the professional world. Maybe ask to play 3rd for a while or if ur gonna dip at least find a sub