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Today, I have really painful pimples on my upper lip. I'm a professional trombonist, and every note causes excruciating pain. FML
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Sounds like you are in a zitty situation. Please don't kill me.


That sounds horrible. Can't you take a day off or get something proscribed for that?

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A day off..? For pimples..? Yes, it sucks to be in pain but seriously the world is turning into a bunch of *******! OP should just take some ibuprofen and get on with it.

5 - If said pimples prevent the OP from doing his job, then yes, I think it's reasonable that he take a day off.

With a symphony or orchestra every person is very important and without one person the whole thing is messed up especially with trombones

Only brass players would understand this. I play the trumpet. I feel you, bro!

Am I the only one that really want a to see the pimples?

I'm a horn player and it hurts so bad that my eyes water with every note

Tooth paste (not the gel kind) will help dry them out. I know it's too late now, but for future reference. Just apply at night and wash off in the Am. If that is too strong smelling make a paste of baking soda and water, it works the same way.

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Sometimes peroxide or antibiotic ointment can help as well. Also, sanitize your mouthpiece every time! And wipe your mouth down with an astringent after every concert/practice, it stops junk from building up and making zits. I would know, I was an acne prone trumpet player.

Actually you should NEVER use toothpaste on pimples as it irritates your skin even more and thus, only makes it worse.

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I used to use toothpaste as well for my zits and it worked fairly well despite leaving dry spots. But my mom's coworker also did this and woke up one morning with a bloody hole where the toothpaste was. So I'm a little paranoid about the whole toothpaste method now.

Maybe you should visit a dermatologist

Either get a new profession or see a dermatologist.

Oh yes, find a new job because of some lip pimples!! That's always the case!!

Let me just go dust off my medical license and I'll be all set to work until this acne is taken care of!

Sounds like you are in a zitty situation. Please don't kill me.

It's pimple really. You need a good home remedy and you'll just be itching to get back to popping out some tunes.

Why'zit such a big deal, anyway? They're only pimples. I guess OP could take some time off, but doing that might blemish his work performance.

Give it a rest for a few weeks.Or go to the docters.

take a few whole weeks off for their job over it?.......

Just out of curiosity, have any of you guys ever been to the "docters"?

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And leave your orchestra for a week? I'm not thinking so, not in the professional world. Maybe ask to play 3rd for a while or if ur gonna dip at least find a sub

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Ouch!! Maybe try and take care of that before the next time you play! There are some pretty good face cleaners out.

I know how you feel i play trumpet and those pimples can really hurt.

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clean the mouth piece on your trombone, its probably dirty and causing the breakouts....