By Anonymous / Thursday 13 November 2014 22:20 / United States
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  kerstileann  |  26

what does not having a basement have to do with anything? haha.
my apartment gets spiders on the ceiling. they are insanely easy to spot. like above said it looks like a cotton ball. a tiny floating cotton ball that explodes with clear 8 legged hellspawn.


38, that is incorrect. Most species of spiders do not have "sacrificial mothers" where the mother dies to feed her young. Spiders have many ways of caring for their offspring and that is just one of them, and not nearly as popular as spinning a silk ball to protect the eggs and young or some variation of that. Some mothers take that further by carrying the ball on their backs, and then when they're born, she carries the cluster of babies on her back. Many arachnids are fantastic parents. We also see this baby-carrying in scorpions. Centipedes (not arachnids) actually curl around their eggs and babies, never leave their side, and rear them in much the same fashion a cat does with her kittens.... Protecting them, cleaning them, feeding them, and it's amazing to watch a giant 10 inch long centipede with giant fangs and lightning reflexes handler her babies so gently and delicately. Get to know them, and you'll find that spiders and the like are incredible, complex creatures.

  ohSNAPyall  |  26

^ Depends on the species of spider.

For example, Daddy Long Legs are cool to have around, as they'll only eat other bugs.

Brown Recluses are not. They can bite you venomously.


"Daddy Long Legs"... Aka Harvestmen, aka Opiliones, are not spiders. They are not much closer to being a spider than a scorpion is. They're a separate type of arachnid.

And it's not just Brown Recluse that can "bite you venomously". All true spiders are venomous, but the vast majority of them have weak venom that is harmless to us. So any spider you can think of that has working mouthparts can "bite you venomously".

Having said that, we have identified 35,000-40,000 species of spiders and identify new ones every day. A literal handful of them are actually hazardous to humans. We have approximately 3,500 species of spider in the US. How many of them are harmful again? Two? Three? Four? I mean come on now, really? Spiders are simply not the horrible monsters that the tv-shows (complete with scary music playing in the background) make them out to be. Along with sharks, crocodilians, and centipedes, they are an example of nature's ultimate predatory success stories, being so fine-tuned for their jobs that they have remained largely unchanged for very long periods of time. Plus, they have managed to create a material, with nothing but their ass, five times stronger than steel.... far superior to what we can make, which is why we look to them for guidance.

  MrConcise  |  34

@70 - Yeah, I hate explaining that my tarantula has venom that isn't dangerous to humans, unless they're sickly infants. Most people think venom is any bite that's deadly.

I actually find quite a few brown recluses where I live, it terrifies me to think I could put my socks on one day and have the skin tissue on my feet liquified.

  AninOnin  |  24

Tarantulas are just terrifying to me, probably because I haven't really been exposed to them very often. I just don't like any "bug" that isn't a butterfly, ladybug, or praying mantis (and even those three sometimes startle me). Especially when they're a giant version of a creepy-ass MFer.


No, I did mean what I said. But I understand why you thought differently. It turns out, as I have learned, different people have different ideas on what a "daddy long legs" is. Here, we call the harvestmen that. Some people instead know a daddy long legs to be a pholcidae, or a "vibrating spider" or whatever else they want to call the damned thing. Those basement dwellers with loooong spindly legs. Common name confusion is why it's good to stick with Latin names!

  Rababco  |  29

That's pretty cool, I didn't know that. I love all animals and enjoy learning about them, even animals others find frightening like spiders and snakes.

  niftyhasdelulz  |  12

I feel physically sick just reading this FML. #3 is right, take one for the team and BURN THE SHIRT, EVERYTHING YOU TOUCHED, YOUR HOUSE AND ALSO WHILE YOU'RE THERE... STAY IN IT WHILE IT BURNS.

  gatorclay97  |  28

STAY CALM AND DO EXACTLY AS I SAY, First, get gasoline second, pour the gas on you and surrounding areas, third, light it, the spiders negative evil energy will absorb and be destroyed by the flames leaving you save.

  kerstileann  |  26

just here to say, a few years ago i actually killed a daddy long leg with my brothers can of spray deoderant (sp?) so yeah it does work. not sure about axe specifically but spray deoderant (again sp?) does work.

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