By misstree - 07/09/2009 08:23 - Singapore

Today, I got annoyed with my mum stopping in her tracks each time she needed to reply to a text message. I tried to show her that you can walk and text at the same time. I ended up falling into a drain. FML
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I'm sorry for saying this, but that must have been funny to watch. I hope you're okay, though.


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Agreed - fail. OP deserves it for attempting to multitask.

Haha, that's hilarious. I swear the comments make me laugh more than the actual FMLs these days.

i hope you do that but instead of walking , you do it while driving so you crash and die. in which case i would say, YDI for texting, wait till you get to the destination dumbass

Best first post ever, actually. I laughed. On one hand, I hate it when people do the stop-walk-stop deal, no matter what they're doing. It's extremely annoying, not only to me but to other people around. On the other hand, I hate it when people have their heads buried in their damned phones and don't pay attention to where they're going. Also a bother to everyone around. Hmm... both you and your mother deserve it.

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my friend does that it's so annoying he stops in the middle of parking lots and blocks cars

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repost, happened in new york

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YDI for overpopualting china and then moving to singapore to start yet another overpopulation

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ydi for over populating china then moving to singapore to repopulate again GJ

Pfft, I'm Singaporean, want to say anything to my face? Hey FML staff, you forgot to put Singapore on your map. =(

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I think all Moms are the same this way.

For my mother, it's speaking. So embarrasing, she grounds to a halt in the middle of a narrow, busy pavement. Well, the OP is now gonna have to wait a few hours if they want to go to the store with their mother while she's texting! Lawls! I modded this :D I'm dead chuffed

I'm sorry for saying this, but that must have been funny to watch. I hope you're okay, though.

It's more bad luck than lack of skill. Hope you live it down.

YDI, because you can look at the ground ahead of you while texting. Good job making yourself look like an ass...