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Today, as I was about to open a door at school, a student opened it and hit me. As I recovered and was about to open it again, someone else opened the door, hitting me again. Everyone laughed. FML
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I totally pictured a montage with "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" playing.


I totally pictured a montage with "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" playing.

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I pictured one of The Doors' hit songs. Oh, the hypothetical irony.

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^The Doors - Love Me Two Times Sorry I couldn't get that in the edit, but I'm not gonna let a perfect chance for better irony get away like that.

♪"don't ya love her when she's walkin' out the door?"♪

I'm right there with you, 1. Also, OP, thank you for having manners by opening doors for others. My boyfriend insists on opening the door for me (which took me a while to get used to) and once in a while, he's stuck holding the door for 20 people. But he refuses to stop opening doors for others first and, OP, I hope you keep doing it as well :).

@52- umm sorry to disappoint but nowhere in OP's post does it mention them holding the door for anyone else. Unless I missed something? And wow is your boyfriend "Good Guy Greg" lol jk, it's actually very kind of him. I'd on the other get impatient and frustrated after just a few people.

55, thanks for pointing that out. My bad. And when I finally got used to my boyfriend opening the door for me, I was in Alaska, visiting family. I stood at the door for a good long moment, waiting for him to open the door, while he was 4,000 miles away. I felt like such a dork but I was able to laugh at myself. I still thank him every time. But when he holds the door for a while, for strangers, he starts saying, "You're welcome!" so someone takes a hint.

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I guess you didn't know what hit you...

^ people and there obvious comments... Ahhhh

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I wasn't going to say anything, but... People and their obvious spelling mistakes...ahhhh

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True people and their bitching, are you trying to break the internet?

The first person was random, the second one wasn't. So, would the third be random or not? Lately, the term random has been way over-used.

Schrödinger's door, is the kid on the other side still alive? Yes? Hit him again.

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You are an ideal candidate for home-schooling, but only if you live in a yurt or a teepee.

"today, I was hit in the face with a deer pelt. As I was recovering, I was hit in the face with a deer pelt again. The whole clan laughed. FMT" (**** my tribe) By- yurts hate me.

Perhaps you should stand off to the side a little bit before approaching doors.

Become nimble or invest in spatial intelligence--the door can only so far under normal conditions.

OP, this isn't the matrix. The door really is there, and it isn't going to bend around you.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me because I'm a big klutz.

Doc, I'm a walking disaster. Some people just pulled the short end of the stick when it comes to un-coordination and clumsiness. I stand beside the OP, my bumbling brother of gracelessness.

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Invest in lots of bubble wrap to avoid this in the future. You might get some funny looks, but i bet it'll be worth it!