By Baskets-Tailleur - 07/07/2014 06:58 - France

Today, as I was putting on sports shoes to get to a job interview in a hurry, a man ran past me and grabbed my formal shoes while shouting, "Ninja!" Try explaining to the guy at the interview why I was wearing sneakers with a skirt suit. FML
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TheKingKen 22

Clearly, he's not a real ninja. Real ninjas would've left you standing there, wondering where your shoes went


This "ninja" gave her one hell of a story for the interview. It probably kept the mood up. The ninja was a god send.

Jghaugland 6

The only reason she was able to see him is because he didn't have his "sneakers", which is why he had to steal hers in the first place.

I've realized that he didn't actually steal her sneakers, rendering my supposedly "witty" comment stupid sounding and invalid.

#24, he probably edited his original comment. The current one is just a revision so he didn't seem "stupid".

Well obviously he's not a good ninja!

he got away with the shoes... I think that makes him a decent ninja at least.

who runs to an interview? you must suck at keeping time

It's gotta be the best story the recruiter heard that. S/he will remember that. Sure you'll get a callback if you did well otherwise

who wants to walk in heels/dress shoes to an interview when you have sneakers?

maybe next time you could leave extra time so you aren't in a hurry, that way you won't need the sneakers? or you could have just taken a taxi to the interview??

ChristianH39 30

Or people could just stop stealing peoples shoes

#37 Yeah, the first comment was a joke about ninjas and sneakers, but I realized it didn't work because he didn't steal the sneakers, but the dress shoes.

incoherentrmblr 21

Sounds like the ninja was a sumo...

sexyboi1985 27

Well, I hope u get the job :-)

TheKingKen 22

Clearly, he's not a real ninja. Real ninjas would've left you standing there, wondering where your shoes went

Exactly! This was no ninja, only a thief :P

A thief with humour still tho. But yea, lying - although at least he left OP with an extraordinary story to tell

karimm_fml 6

I say he would just laugh about it.Well hopefully in your case

I'm really curious as to why a man wanted female dress shoes. Maybe he's a cross dressing ninja

Almost anything second hand can be sold.

DrownedMyFish 18

He could also be a ninja with a shoe fetish.

Maybe you could start a new trend hah

sorry, Mexican family parties already started that trend

MikeyLean 8

#25 but white people **** their own family members

nothing like a good story to break the ice

The determining factor is how well OP sells it. If the interviewer thinks it's a tall tale, OP won't be hired for a retail job. Girl can't even sell a true story!

Impress your interviewer with your physical prowess. Your sports shoes make you better.. faster... stronger than your formal shoes. Now only if you had 6 million dollars.

Yeah, that's why she's at the interview – to get the job- ohhhhh, I see what you did, there!

Why the hell are you going to a job interview with your whole wardrobe ... Do you always carry different clothing items when on the move. Next time maybe take a spare set of shoes. As for this damn ninja, what's up with you going around stealing shoes and still announcing its a ninja that's stealing it

If she had to walk to her interview, it's perfectly reasonable that she brought a more comfortable pair to walk in, instead of trekking in heels. Also, isn't that a bit contradictory to say she should've brought MORE shoes after questioning why she brought an extra pair?