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By  eddeeezzyy  |  19

How exactly do you cut your arm so deep from masturbation that you have to get stitches?? That's what we all wanna know! Was his dick made of chainsaw blades or something? Lol

  nnnope  |  26

1 - it sounds like OP's boyfriend is the type of guy who gets off on pain/blood. he probably cut himself intentionally, but wasn't careful about it.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I'm pretty fucking sure he didn't slice his own arm during sex. Some girls have long nails and during that intense moment of euphoria they sometimes scratch you. Now I never had to go to a hospital because of that, but I've certainly had some marks that lasted a week or so. My guess is she dug her nails into his arms when she was having an orgasm.

  bellidona  |  15

Actually there are people out there that will burn , cut , or even purposely get stung by bees during sex or masturbation because it makes their orgasm so intense .

  letmehavemytea  |  21

Uh guys, take it from a girl who's lost her v-card. If you stretch her properly then she shouldn't bleed during sex.
The only way it'll bleed is if you're being at least a little rough.


Oh yes, take it from ONE girl who "has lost her v-card" because she must know how ALL women experience their first time. Some women do inevitably bleed the first time they have sex even when they take it very slow. Others do not. It depends on her individual body as well as his! If she is small, and he has a gigantic weiner, then it is probably going to be a little unpleasant and/or bloody no matter how slow it goes. There is really no nice way to break a vagina in. (That is one sentence I didn't think I would ever type) Either way it is absolutely nothing to be concerned about or to make a big deal out of... If she's not gushing blood like a fountain, she'll be fine. If she is.... Well she should probably seek medical attention ASAP!

  beelee1988  |  13

66, you do know that DocBastard is a REAL doctor right? He may not be an OB/GYN, but I'm sure he knows a little more than you do about what goes down in the vagina. Being a girl doesn't make you an expert.