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34 if your talking about brace you can't get magnet stuck to them they are aluminum not metal I already tried the magnet. if your talking about tongue piercing then idk I haven't tried that.


oh maybe you have the old ones with the rubber bands I have the new ones that don't use rubber bands and they aren't metal. and don't thumb me down just cause I have different type of braces.

  mooshibear140  |  4

I remember when I ha braces... my friend and I were walking in a class at school and laughing. She tripped, grabbed me for support, fell on me, and then elbowed me in the mouth. My bracket (the part that's glued on) ripped right off of my tooth and got wedged between my tooth and the wire sideways. Her twin sister fixed it. It was so scary we were all crying though.

  TylersMB  |  0

yes 149 i have 2 cars. if you knew anything about cars you would know that the C300 is a rather affordable car for anybody. its not an s550. and my parents being rich have almost nothing to do with it. the legal driving age is 16 here in cali.