By 8sq - 11/06/2011 01:32 - United States

Today, I learned the hard way that yes, a fork can get stuck in your braces. FML
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I got my tongue ring stuck in a fork. just when I got it pierced. Most painful thing ever.

It's ok OP: it'll spoon when it's done forking your mouth.


well that sucks and first

I got my tongue ring stuck in a fork. just when I got it pierced. Most painful thing ever.

Thanks man haha.

It's ok OP: it'll spoon when it's done forking your mouth.

I got a magnet stuck in mine before, it hurt like hell

I'm trying to figure out how this could happen... bad hand-eye coordination? Anyone got any suggestions?

now that's just unfortunate

34 if your talking about brace you can't get magnet stuck to them they are aluminum not metal I already tried the magnet. if your talking about tongue piercing then idk I haven't tried that.

42- the wire was, but the things they put on your teeth weren't (at least for me)

oh maybe you have the old ones with the rubber bands I have the new ones that don't use rubber bands and they aren't metal. and don't thumb me down just cause I have different type of braces.

sounds like she/he needs to calm down because forks deliver food to the mouth and don't shove it down their throat

we're u giving a forkjob?

yeah aluminum is metal but it's not magnetic

maybe its a sign

Ugh, reminds me of the first week after I pierced my cartilage for the first time. Constantly got it caught in my hairbrush. >

should have used a spork..

There are worse things you could get stuck in your braces...

There are worse things you could get stuck in your braces...

not all metals are magnetic

Ouch! I've gotten a fork stuck in my braces before... Trying to get the extra food out

WTF were you doing OP giving it a blowjob.

oww thx, I have braces too and now I know to be careful with forks! :)

is it only me that thinks of the comicbookguy in Simpsons when I read aubreys comment..haha

72 everyone is gonna thumb u down just because u said not to because nobody wants to be bossed around by you so ydi

This seems like it would take some effort to do. I can't see a fork 'accidentally' getting caught I braces, especially with modern dentistry.

I remember when I ha braces... my friend and I were walking in a class at school and laughing. She tripped, grabbed me for support, fell on me, and then elbowed me in the mouth. My bracket (the part that's glued on) ripped right off of my tooth and got wedged between my tooth and the wire sideways. Her twin sister fixed it. It was so scary we were all crying though.

i got the top of my mouth once by scraping it >_< talk about real pain

dude poked a fork in my eye once don't effing ask

that sounds hurtful

I just recently did that to my eyebrow ring. >_

Just try not to give your fork a blow job lol

well stop trying to make out with forks!

I'm guessing that the OP was just trying to eat

I was just kidding jeeze :p

There's this thing called eating...

making out with forks is fun though?(: lol

Sounds they don't have sense of humor. ):

Yeah, especially when you end up with 4 holes in your tongue.

i love forks =

61 you look cute:)

I like sporks.

Boo for sporks. Not enough penetration :P

but they get the job done....

tylersmb, so ur 16 and already have two nice expensive cars? apart from if ur sixteen no way do u make enough money for them, isnt the legal driving age 18?

maybe the kids got rich parents? and he lives in cali wherethe driving age is 16. think next time

america drivin age =16 uk = 17. india =7

yes 149 i have 2 cars. if you knew anything about cars you would know that the C300 is a rather affordable car for anybody. its not an s550. and my parents being rich have almost nothing to do with it. the legal driving age is 16 here in cali.

Spooning leads to forking, then forking leads to.. sporking..?

you just got told 149, how does it feel to be shut down?

169- and then sporking leads to knifing. Whoa, that sounds violent.

it's actually 16 :p

It happened to me when I had braces, its not making out. .___.

Ouch is right!

You what's more ouch? When my wire becomes loose, becomes stuck to the side of my cheek and rips out a piece of cheek meat. :'l

I hated when that would happen, I'd usually just put some wax there for the time being

More importantly is: Why was OP jamming a fork in his/he braces? Stuck food? Bored? Dared? Curious? I need more info damnit!

I remember if I slept on the side of my face the braces would make indentions where the braces were pressed against my cheek. that would hurt for about a day.

so the fork got stuck on her braces?

3 rd and tht sucks

how did this happen??

Have u ever tried this thing called eating?

there's this new thing it's called eating it helps you LIVE! tard

eating is against my religion, the religion of MaryKateAndAshelyOlsenism. or MKAO for short

it happens. you start eating, you're not paying attention, one small shake-jerk of the hand and --awkwardness. ouch.

This is why you don't make stupid bets.

it never said that the OP made a bet ..

trying to clean them? :-/