By klutz - 10/08/2009 14:34 - United States

Today, me and my friend were following this hot lifeguard around a waterpark. In the wave pool, I decided to be cute and "accidentally" bump into him during the waves to start a conversation. As I prepared to do this, a large wave pushed me off my feet and I fell face-first into his butt. FML
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jackalope104 0

YDI for being a creeper

gayfish_fml 0

Poop face.


gayfish_fml 0

Poop face.

wow what a conversation starter lol

Jojo08_fml 0

Hahah you shoulda just had the lady balls to talk to him

jackalope104 0

YDI for being a creeper

zrhcrx 0

Totally deserved it...please leave us lifeguards alone, I'm at work for money..not score a date with a patron.

Julioyobaby 0


wow, it only took me as far as "following this hot lifeguard" and i pressed YDI fucking stupid people

emilykstar 0

Hahaha your so retarded

I clicked YDI immediately after reading the first sentence.

LOL YDI for being a stalker

Theguybehindyou 0

#3,#4 how many comments say this?

gigi37 0

Seeing how they are the third and fourth person to comment, it looks like it would be just the one, commentator #2, to say that

YDI creeperrrrrrrr.

RR05 0

duh she's from texas

UziTopete 0

WTF does YDI mean!!???

Matias_Says_FML 4

YDI means "you deserve it".

Haha i thought it was you did it :} lol i fail

RandomBlonde 0

YDI. Idiot. If he wanted you at all than you wouldn't have had to "bump" into him.

ohhshit_asian 7

haha, Hawaiian falls, eh? nice job, you could've just approached him, and create some small talk.

Just cause he's hot doesn't mean you should jump him. YDI for being a stupid idiot.

YDI for stalking him, creep.

Kiwi_Splash 0

HAHAHAHHA. What a stalker. Please keep away from humanity.

you were following him round his job... you wanted him to take time away from watching fir trouble to flirt with you.... just wow.

#10 nicely put. u should be a prosecuter or school admin or something.