By sherryberry2013 - 10/06/2011 23:42 - United States

Today, I went to the movies with my boyfriend. As we got to the ticket booth, a couple of girls queued behind us. My boyfriend graciously introduced me as his little sister, and invited the girls to join us. We've been together for two years. FML
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you shouldve started making out with him and then said "he's into incest, sorry ladies"

wow. that sucks. screw him


wow. that sucks. screw him

not literally though

foursome? "cringes as I get attacked by trolls"

If he try's to do anything with you later remind him that you're his little sister.

You should introduce him as your douchebag ex-boyfriend. Sounds like a good compromise..

"try's"... hahaha

say he got you pregnant and walk away! leave him looking embarassed :D

dump him. jerk move. or, if you want to get back at him, 'forgive him', and when you go to the movies with him, pull a fast one just like he did. two can play the game. :)

Totally agree. What the hell is the point of staying with someone like that?

you should have told them that you guys have had sex multiple times.. that would have scared them away.

I like 39's idea.

When he tries to do anything sexually, say I'm not into incest.

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I agree you should have been like, no actually I'm his ex girlfriend or something like that. I don't understand why you'd let him say that and still consider him your boyfriend.

haha legend'

And I wouldve embarassed the FUCK OUTTA HIM in front of them! Screw that dickless fucktard find someone else better and I bet those bitches were ugly

143 - you've never hung out with family before? wtf?

You guys are silly. The girl was obviously his sister who was really into incest and was so in love with his brother tht she made a fake reality that they were going out and have been for 2 years. duh

YDI for not dumping him on the spot.

whatta winner!

more like whatta asshole lol

No, he's a winner.

No, I'd go with asshole.

I think he's a wiener up an ass hole

59- What a combo breaker

Ok guys, the better question is what's a whatta.

'Whatta' is slang for 'what a'

Really? Well, if no one else will...DUH, WINNING!

you guys can hate if u want to but the fact that she's still with him cuz she said bf not ex-bf makes him a playa so don't hate the playa hate the game!!! hahaha

The fact that you think being a "playa" is cool makes me hope no girl/guy ever goes out with you.

id say asshole, dump him

being a playa is cool. you should try it sometime. and whatta winna yeah boy

182 sounds like a desperate hater...

dump him that messed up

I agree! dump his ass. what a douche.

yes, dump his ass

you shouldve started making out with him and then said "he's into incest, sorry ladies"

are you in to incest?

gotta hand it to you girl, that's brilliant!! :)

that is just to awesome....i give u a whoop whoop :D

I see your comments on several of these! haha. Not that that's a problem.

haha that's brilliant!

43 your mom is

Haha that woulda got him back 4 shure

XD your idea wins so much.

your comment is so win.

You mean...we "were" together for two years...right?

I sure hope she meant that. I'd have slapped him right there and not let him say a word after "sister"

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are you stupid?

I really hate it when people end all of their sentences with three's really stupid...and pointless...

^ i take it then ur comment is useless?

29- she said "we went to the movies"... So, if you go to see a movie with someone, that automatically means it's a date!?!? Have you ever gone to a movie with your mom or dad? Maybe he just thought it would be more fun to spend time with more people? Or how about this, if you had a bag of M&M's, would you just eat one and say, "I'm done, I've had enough"? Or would you say, "Ha, there are a couple more M&M's that require my attention. I'm gonna allow these M&M's to be eaten (out)!" What if they had pretzels or peanuts inside of them, 29?!?! You're probably racist too, so do you only eat the yellow M&M's? Nah brah... You don't! Now, 29, do you like the diversity in M&M's? Or would you rather chew on one for the rest of your life, because you don't have the balls to swallow?!

Your stupidity amazes me, 149. I hope you never have children.

*Ahem* To my calculations, if x divided by y over the square root of 9 is indeed, 632, and you multiply that by the correlation of the wind and the sun, you will obviously see he was FUCKING JOKING. Thank you, and have a nice day, good sir. :)

I feel like shovels realized how fricken retarded his first comment was and then decided to pretend he had been joking the whole time

149 are you seriously comparing girls to M&M's? On the other hand OP your boyfriend is a douche. I'd kick him in the balls really hard and walk away.

How dare he compare women to candy! I am writing the president! Also, if the girl already has a pretzle and nuts inside her then she has been lying to you and she is a dude.

I see your sarcasm there :P lol

I think my IQ dropped a few points. Derrrp... *facepalm*

149, you're so retarded. of course it's a fucking date. it's boyfriend and girlfriend. if it's with your parents then it wouldn't be a date anymore.

I agree with #151

149- it doesnt make it a date if yooh go to the movies with just anyone but it does if he your bf.

you* sorry my ipod was acting retared so i spelled it yooh but i ment you

Like if they where hidding something important....

152- my calculations imply an epic win around the vicinity of your comment :D

What the fuck dude.

Obviously it's a fucking date if they've been together for 2 years. You're a complete dipshit. And of COURSE it would have been awkward; he's blatantly trying to cheat on his gf.

I would also dump him that us so stupid and mean!

that's when u kick him in the nuts!

my oath kick to the gonads n dump his sleazy ass! if he does that in front of you what does he do behind your back?

maybey he wants to break up?

sorry i'm on ipod and typing fast and they double post is because my ipod lagged out sorry

Thats a harsh way to end a relationship

Still no reason to be an asshole the way he was.

maybey he wants to break up?