By sherryberry2013 - 10/06/2011 23:42 - United States

Today, I went to the movies with my boyfriend. As we got to the ticket booth, a couple of girls queued behind us. My boyfriend graciously introduced me as his little sister, and invited the girls to join us. We've been together for two years. FML
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jennifer93 0

you shouldve started making out with him and then said "he's into incest, sorry ladies"

wow. that sucks. screw him


wow. that sucks. screw him

jennifer93 0

not literally though

Idonebeenhad 17

foursome? "cringes as I get attacked by trolls"

xMexicanXJesusx 0

If he try's to do anything with you later remind him that you're his little sister.

You should introduce him as your douchebag ex-boyfriend. Sounds like a good compromise..

KiddNYC1O 20

"try's"... hahaha

say he got you pregnant and walk away! leave him looking embarassed :D

braasilianx0 4

dump him. jerk move. or, if you want to get back at him, 'forgive him', and when you go to the movies with him, pull a fast one just like he did. two can play the game. :)

aeshleyrose 6

Totally agree. What the hell is the point of staying with someone like that?

TylersMB 0

you should have told them that you guys have had sex multiple times.. that would have scared them away.

I like 39's idea.

When he tries to do anything sexually, say I'm not into incest.

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I agree you should have been like, no actually I'm his ex girlfriend or something like that. I don't understand why you'd let him say that and still consider him your boyfriend.

Miq94 0

haha legend'

PurpleRae420 0

And I wouldve embarassed the FUCK OUTTA HIM in front of them! Screw that dickless fucktard find someone else better and I bet those bitches were ugly

143 - you've never hung out with family before? wtf?

AwesomeAsFcuk 0

You guys are silly. The girl was obviously his sister who was really into incest and was so in love with his brother tht she made a fake reality that they were going out and have been for 2 years. duh

YDI for not dumping him on the spot.

whatta winner!

CountryGirl111 7

more like whatta asshole lol

No, he's a winner.

No, I'd go with asshole.

salvorican 24

I think he's a wiener up an ass hole

59- What a combo breaker

Ok guys, the better question is what's a whatta.

'Whatta' is slang for 'what a'

Really? Well, if no one else will...DUH, WINNING!

kaoss54 3

you guys can hate if u want to but the fact that she's still with him cuz she said bf not ex-bf makes him a playa so don't hate the playa hate the game!!! hahaha

Flutist 3

The fact that you think being a "playa" is cool makes me hope no girl/guy ever goes out with you.

Staige40 0

id say asshole, dump him

benjimm1 0

being a playa is cool. you should try it sometime. and whatta winna yeah boy

182 sounds like a desperate hater...

austinthebossman 2


cherrybitches 6

dump him that messed up

I agree! dump his ass. what a douche.


yes, dump his ass

jennifer93 0

you shouldve started making out with him and then said "he's into incest, sorry ladies"

89Delta8 0

are you in to incest?

ShelbyyCakess 0


lidemocr 0

gotta hand it to you girl, that's brilliant!! :)

dillies 3

that is just to awesome....i give u a whoop whoop :D

Netsirk66 0

I see your comments on several of these! haha. Not that that's a problem.


I agree

brookie063 5

haha that's brilliant!

Olovio 5


43 your mom is

Jojo08_fml 0


Haha that woulda got him back 4 shure

beeboyaxl 2


XD your idea wins so much.

your comment is so win.

TKello 6

You mean...we "were" together for two years...right?

I sure hope she meant that. I'd have slapped him right there and not let him say a word after "sister"

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are you stupid?

I really hate it when people end all of their sentences with three's really stupid...and pointless...

^ i take it then ur comment is useless?

29- she said "we went to the movies"... So, if you go to see a movie with someone, that automatically means it's a date!?!? Have you ever gone to a movie with your mom or dad? Maybe he just thought it would be more fun to spend time with more people? Or how about this, if you had a bag of M&M's, would you just eat one and say, "I'm done, I've had enough"? Or would you say, "Ha, there are a couple more M&M's that require my attention. I'm gonna allow these M&M's to be eaten (out)!" What if they had pretzels or peanuts inside of them, 29?!?! You're probably racist too, so do you only eat the yellow M&M's? Nah brah... You don't! Now, 29, do you like the diversity in M&M's? Or would you rather chew on one for the rest of your life, because you don't have the balls to swallow?!

Your stupidity amazes me, 149. I hope you never have children.

*Ahem* To my calculations, if x divided by y over the square root of 9 is indeed, 632, and you multiply that by the correlation of the wind and the sun, you will obviously see he was FUCKING JOKING. Thank you, and have a nice day, good sir. :)

I feel like shovels realized how fricken retarded his first comment was and then decided to pretend he had been joking the whole time

sabrinahusic 0

149 are you seriously comparing girls to M&M's? On the other hand OP your boyfriend is a douche. I'd kick him in the balls really hard and walk away.

Flutist 3

How dare he compare women to candy! I am writing the president! Also, if the girl already has a pretzle and nuts inside her then she has been lying to you and she is a dude.

sabrinahusic 0

I see your sarcasm there :P lol

A7X_LoVeee 10

I think my IQ dropped a few points. Derrrp... *facepalm*

PutriAprileine 0

149, you're so retarded. of course it's a fucking date. it's boyfriend and girlfriend. if it's with your parents then it wouldn't be a date anymore.

I agree with #151

whyask 0

149- it doesnt make it a date if yooh go to the movies with just anyone but it does if he your bf.

whyask 0

you* sorry my ipod was acting retared so i spelled it yooh but i ment you

Like if they where hidding something important....

152- my calculations imply an epic win around the vicinity of your comment :D

dollee_ 0

What the fuck dude.

Obviously it's a fucking date if they've been together for 2 years. You're a complete dipshit. And of COURSE it would have been awkward; he's blatantly trying to cheat on his gf.

I would also dump him that us so stupid and mean!

mruizk9 7

that's when u kick him in the nuts!

my oath kick to the gonads n dump his sleazy ass! if he does that in front of you what does he do behind your back?

maybey he wants to break up?

jennifer93 0


sorry i'm on ipod and typing fast and they double post is because my ipod lagged out sorry

xxEternalRain 13

Thats a harsh way to end a relationship

Still no reason to be an asshole the way he was.

maybey he wants to break up?