By mathii - 23/07/2011 23:52 - France

Today, I was in swimming practice at the pool. I suddenly got breathless, dizzy, and felt like I was drowning. I cried out to the instructor, telling him I had a weak heart. He shouted back, "I don't care about your love life! Swim, bitch!" FML
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just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming...


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just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming...

hehe I love the sound of drowning douches in the morning :)

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throw the instructor in and see if he swims like a rock.

Something smells fishy... Bitchy? You don't know... Maybe OP deserved it.

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ya thats just what everyone's reaction is when i walk nude around my house.

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37 flockz - what can I search for that picture?

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"flockz penis reactions" there's a great variety of pictures similar to this.

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if you read this I can see you, if you can't see me you may have only seconds to live

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55- in the seconds i have to live i can thumb u down an watch your comment get buried, and therefore i cant see u. now your reasons for my murder are invalid.

wow , that sucks OP .. youd think that a swim coach would take you seriously in that case ..

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Brilliant. Brilliant indeed. Your comment radiates with humor as the sun radiates its warmth and light. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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Well then swim...............BEEEEEEOTCH

Just remember, that's what forgiveness sounds like. Screaming, and then silence.

Just keep swimmin! Just keep swimmin', swimmin'!

1st thought: you're alive now so stop complaining your a big boy and you are over reacting 2ng thought: that sucks ass man sorry

While everything you said was completely valid, just the fact that your ugly mug is staring at us completely wipes away any sympathy I had for you. Add to that your pathetic duck face and...oii. Nasty

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@180 swimming instructors are not doctors, there will be medical conditions they dont fully understand. this is nowhere near the same as pushing healthy bodied people in harsh conditions. do you have any idea the amount of bad nutrition advice trainers give to people? they dont know everything about everything. if this bothers you, give up on sport, its not for you.

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your comment is too long for me to bother reading, making it invalid

I thought only girls could be bitches.

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that happened to me 2 but I kept swimming

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I no more then finished reading that and spongebob comes on the tv (:

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Well that just made my day. :D

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Spongebob disapproves this comment.

YDI for playing a team sport with a weak heart. If you've got something debilitating, work out on your own time, at your own pace. As long as someone is your coach, you're his bitch.

it's in the Olympics so awhile. that's the reason I hate sports, male coaches are just so brutal. I had am old baseball coach who literally screamed in our faces till he was red for making the slightest mistake, like it destroyed the world.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming.

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Bitch keep swimming! Bitch keep swimming! Bitch keep swimming, swimming, swimming What do you do? You swim bitch swim!

This FML makes the coach sound like one of those ass hats who spit at you while barking orders.

That's funny, 174. There's not a single school in my area with a swim team.

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of course its a sport just like baseball and basketball, ever seen the olympics dumbass.

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Yeah that's what I was just thinking 194.

Who said anything about a sport? It just says swimming practice. You know, taking lessons..

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reminds me of my track coach. I was trying mid-distance and we had to run a 200, 300, and then 400. and by the time we did a 400 I was slowing down. I called out for the coach to stop and he ran faster yelling "what? I can't hear you!" it sucked.

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I live in south ga and none of our highschools have swim teams

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"Aquaman! Help!" "Hey... hey... let her go!" "Or what?" "Or... or... I don't know man, but you're lucky you're not doing that over here."

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that's what your mother said last night!

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I hope you're okay :( he sounds like a douche...maybe find a new swim coach?

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No, OP is not ok. They didn't make it, they're posting this FML from... beyond.

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Glad to know there's internet in the afterlife. Not sure what I would do without facebook.

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Maybe where a one-sy with a crotch cut out?

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someone who starts training in a sport without notifying their coach of a serious medical condition is a douche. "i have a weak heart" does sound like a cop out excuse. you didnt specify something this serious beforehand, knowing full well you will be exerting yourself, YDI.

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to clarify, by cop out i am referring to those who use whatever exaggerated excuse they can to justify stopping when training. its extremely common in beginners. just go to your local gym and listen for the many weak excuses to stop training.

if he is on the swim team for his school then he can't just get a new coach. I agree with 120. Op should have told the coach before starting the team that he had a weak heart.

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so we cant assume either way whether the coach was fully informed or not - despite the evidence suggesting that no he wasnt - but you can make whatever assumptions you like about what i would do or my character based on what, a few lines? shut the **** up.

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swim instructor-1 girlfriend problems-0

he had you at the begnining ehen he said shut the **** up bitch before I slap you. didn't he?

you people do realize thumbs downs only make me realize I'm trolling better than ever :D

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Yes, because suing is the answer to everything -_-