By annababyyyy - United States - Silver Spring
Today, I was sitting in a boring lecture. Out of boredom, I made a fish-faces with my mouth. Somehow, I made the most realistic fart noise I've ever heard in the process. The whole room stared at me. FML
annababyyyy tells us more :
Hi! Op here, I've been a loyal fml user for 4 years now and I can't believe this got posted! Let me just clear some things up: The lecture was part of my summer camp - not college. I'm 16. I wasn't taking notes because it was summer camp. I wish I pretended it wasn't me, but I was so in shock I couldn't think straight!! Even the lecturer stared at me My friends where there and laughed hysterically, and I quickly explained what happened. I am capable of laughing at myself, so it wasn't that bad. as for all the fish puns- keep um coming!!
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By  colton_colton  |  49

Stare back to make them feel equally as awkward

By  colton_colton  |  49

Stare back to make them feel equally as awkward

  SneezyBear  |  27

This exact thing happened to me once in my year 12 exam... which is even worse lmao. I (along with more than half the class) finished the exam half an hour early (it was a super easy exam), and we weren't allowed to leave until the very end. My friends could barely contain themselves and the exam supervisor was glaring at me. Good times.

By  Aero_x  |  21

I was always that kid in class that walked to the back of the room and stood by the wall for a bit. When the teacher asked what I was doing I simply replied, "Farting."
Of course mine were very real and pretty much silent...