By wtf - United States
Today, my parents went to the Cayman Islands, leaving me at home in freezing Iowa. Also, even though I never get into trouble, they don't trust me enough to be home on my own. So they hired a babysitter to stay with me until they get back. I'm 17. FML
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  skittle68  |  0

Ah ha ha... I don't blame them tho. If I had a teenager, I would be having visions of parties, and the house being destroyed when I got home. Sucks for you, but it would be hard to enjoy yourself while worrying about that...

  claireful  |  4

I'm 19 and my brother is 15. When my parents went on a cruise they upheld curfew and has people check on us to make sure we were home. they also told the neighbors that if they see any strange cars in front of our house to call the police. oh and they also left on my birthday.

  UhhOhCece126  |  0

Exactly. Your parents can't leave you home alone for a long period of time anyway, your still a minor. It would probably be different if you were 18. but that still stinks, sorry.

  lovemysnubber  |  0

personally I don't think 17 is "just a kid" if he's never been in trouble before he's probably more mature than normal 17 year olds or doesn't have the balls to get in trouble. regardless I think he shoulda either been able to go with his parents or stay home alone

  iownyou676  |  0

Stop being a stereotypical old person and realize that not every kid is an irresponsible loser. A 17 year old is not a kid. It's so annoying to constantly be told you are say kid when your that age because you aren't.

  annanonomus  |  0

First of all number 90, 24 years of age does not constitute me as old. Secondly, judging by your response, point proven. A 17 year old still has the mentality of an adolescence. if you still act the way you do now in 7 years, then you're still immature and have not learned much, however, you can mark my words: you will think differently when you're my age or older.

  Jonah171  |  12

But you very clearly implied it.

I would like to ask how standing up for herself proves she's immature? I thought it was a pretty good response and that you're simply acting like too much of a jerk to acknowledge it.

My point is, many teenagers are mature enough to not be classified as "just some kid." You're 24, and not nearly as wise as you seem to think.

Just my two cents...

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Not getting into trouble doesn't automatically make a person trustworthy. OP could be incapable of getting himself to school on time, making his own meals, etc.