Less haste, less speed

By Fox - 25/02/2013 03:41 - United States

Today, while driving extremely fast on a road in the middle of nowhere, I started to go down a hill. Noticing a police car at the bottom, I slammed my brakes and blew a tire in the process. It turns out the police car was an old cutout used to trick people. FML
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sleepinginclass 8

Because slamming on your brakes would have helped anyways...

Well if you were following the law it wouldn't have happened.


sleepinginclass 8

Because slamming on your brakes would have helped anyways...

I definitely have to agree with 1 here, also if it was a real cop and they didn't happen to notice you, slamming the breaks would only draw attention to you.

Must've been a hell of a good cutout.

Happened to me once. But I was already below the speed limit when I passed the cop's radar. Although he followed me till I parked, he wasn't able to substantiate me speeding so I didn't get a ticket. You don't "slam" the brakes OP! Big no no.. Small jerking till you reach the required speed.

14 At that point, even if they noticed you, you wouldn't be speeding anymore so it would be okay.

JocelynKaulitz 28

If the cop wouldn't have heard it, he would have definitely smelled the burnt rubber.

CharresBarkrey 15

Even if they do notice you slam on your brakes, they can't do anything. It's not illegal to hit your brakes. Assuming they didn't radar you before your brakes were touched, it WOULD help to slam on them.

DasHaas 9

In many countries, the police can ticket you for "reckless driving" or "causing a dangerous situation", which slamming your brakes like that in the middle of the road definately is.

CharresBarkrey 15

35 - That seems silly. Getting a ticket for using your brakes? What if a person jumped out into the road? Or cars in front of you got into an accident? You would HAVE to slam on your brakes. Slowing down is never considered reckless, it's considered safe.

CharresBarkrey 15

I wanted to correct one thing in my previous post. You CAN get a ticket for reckless driving if you brake check someone and they hit you. But in all other scenarios, as long as there are no cars behind you, hitting your brakes is perfectly legal.

35- I'd have to agree with 42, "reckless driving" or "causing a dangerous situation" is more like: not using signals, turning on another car, tailgating, racing, speeding, swerving... etc. But not for using or slamming on brakes.

nisse_fml 9

What if a dinosaur came running towards you and you had no time turn? Then you could probably go reverse in one way street without getting a ticket. However, slamming the breaks for no other reason than to avoid a ticket is reckless.

OP said it was the middle of nowhere and it sounded like there was nothing around to necessitate breaking hard. Slamming your breaks without reason to the point of blowing a tire can be regarded reckless and you will have a tough time proving the opposite if you took it to court. At the same time, if a cop is parked at the bottom of a hill, you can bet his radar is on. Why else would he be sitting there?

Well I'd say driving so fast that braking pops your tires definately is reckless ;)

Smh, downshift people, downshift. You never touch the brakes. Dropping a gear will slow you down and your brake lights won't go on.

If slamming on your brakes can cause a tire to pop you're already past the wear point on the tire and ydi for driving at all in a poorly maintained vehicle.

therealafroninga 10

Guys, it's not that hard, if a cop pulls you over for hard breaking, say you saw a squirrel, or some other small rodent.

well, where i live you don't see tricks like this. a while back they used to take de-commissioned squad cars with dummies in them near problem zones. some how they declared it as entrapment so you dont see this stuff anymore

Well if you were following the law it wouldn't have happened.

I found myself disappointed when I read that it was a fake police car. OP deserves to be caught driving so stupidly.

iTsbSkuLLy 8

So what's going on here is that absolutely no one here would speed on a road in the middle of nowhere ? I find that hard to believe .

Yeh I'm sure we all occasionally speed at times but only idiots go "extremely fast".

That depends on what your definition of "extremely fast" is. There was a case where the speeder got to keep his license while going 180 km/h on a 90 road; he did it on a stretch and the judge accepted his reasoning that it couldn't be reckless driving since no-one else was around. Of course, he still got to pay a fine, but that's to be expected. Speeding on some roads can be totally reasonable, while going exactly the speed limit on another is reckless. Driving is situational

generalasskicker 12

Everyone has done something stupid or illegal at least once

therealafroninga 10

Pssh, I get tired of reading all these squares post "YDI speeding is so stupid bla bla blaaa". I guarantee half those nimrods haven't felt that adrenaline. That fluttering in your stomach, as you look down and see the speedometer tick past 120mph. Lol.

108 - I hope you don't accidentally kill someone someday because you just had to feel the adrenaline rush of driving twice the legal speed limit. Douchebag

therealafroninga 10

Haha, I'll keep that in mind. I know how to drive.

therealafroninga 10

And on a good day I can triple the posted speed limit.

Oh people stop. He said he was out in the middle of nowhere, so there are no kids or random pedestrians or even cars most of the time. Speed isnt dangerous if there is nothing to hit.

ReepingHavoc 13

that blows... someone had to say it T.T

What a tire-d and flat brake-down of a comment!

Wow buddy51, don't blow your tires just yet! I know he honked your horn with his comment but give this dude a brake.. Apparently, someone "had" to say it..

The cops are getting more clever it seems.

They've gotten pretty smart in the 'tricking people' department. Near where I live there's a location that they park an active duty patrol car with dark window tint in the median. Always works.

AnyaS 19

It doesn't matter if the road you're on is empty. Driving unnecessarily fast is dangerous. You can veer off suddenly and crash.

I think most drivers are aware of that it's dangerous. The speed limit is there for a reason, they didn't just put it there to **** with people. Problem is that a lot of drivers don't care about their own safety and even less about others..

Yeah if you suck at driving maybe... there's absolutely nothing wrong with going fast as long as you don't go faster than you're comfortable going. Speeding tickets are the stupidest way of squeezing money out of people. The majority of it goes to things that should just be gotten from taxes anyway.

I am pretty sure that you feeling comfortable going fast isn't going to help in cases where going 20km/h slower would actually save a life. It's ridiculous how little time you earn from driving faster than the speed limit says...

I love how you bring up the old sentiment gone truism of speeding not saving you time. Let's assume you're going to see your relatives up north: a 1000km drive with a mean speed limit of 80 is not too unreasonable. If you just increase your speed to 100km/h, you do the drive in 10h, instead of 12h 30min. If you factor in taking breaks to eat, you're looking at about 12h instead of 14h 30min. To me, it's quite obvious which is more pleasant. Of course you're right about going 50 in a 30 zone is absolutely unacceptable, but speeding does save you time. And past 50 pedestrians die close to always anyway.

In that case sure you will definately save time. But lets say you're only going 10 kilometers, then I don't see why it's necessary to save a couple of minutes. Speeding is most dangerous in city traffic where you have a lot of other people around you. And just as you said, in that case I think it would be better to follow speed limits. You might love that I'm bringing it up but it's actually proven that a person has a much higher chance of surviving if he or she is being hit by a car that drives 30km/h instead of 50.

Octwo 16

He wasn't driving near civilization. He was driving the back roads out away from populated areas. The argument that going higher than the speed limit is dangerous is completely false outside of city streets and high-traffic highways. Vehicles these days more often than not can easily and safely function at 80-100 mph on major highways, much less with consideration to a lot of factors regarding the back road you're on. My car can easily take back roads around where I live at 20-25 mph over the speed limit and a little less than double recommended turn speeds. The trick is to be smart about it. Always slow down when entering populated areas and use proper judgement. A lot of people are stuck in the past regarding safe speeds, cars are capable of safely moving at much higher speeds while speed limits stay the same. Most speed limits are actually decided by fuel economy, not what speed is considered "safe."

Helpful hint, "if you can see them, they've already seen you." Keep that in mind and drive safely. Also you deserved it for slamming on your brakes, which makes you look more guilty when the cops really are there.

I agree, my father is an RCPM officer, the radars work for kilometers in advance. PRO TIP ~ radars don't work in the rain. but you shouldn't be speeding when its wet anyway.

RCMP* sorry Royal Canadian Mounted Police

For a self-proclaimed 'grammar nazi' the grammar throughout your bio is shockingly bad.

iseyixes 18

You can use the cardboard cut out to trick someone into stopping to help you change that tire. Just move it to the middles of the road so they can slam on their brakes too.

WrongRomance 11

If you want to drive fast, take up racing. Otherwise, don't be an idiot on the road. At least for the sake of everyone else's safety.

therealafroninga 10

You shouldn't go extremely fast down hills, that's really potentially dangerous for you, your car, and anyone on the road. Not necessarily in that order